Pump you up!

It’s a snowy Tuesday here but i’m feeling GREAT!  Talked with the trainer yesterday and he’s changing things up.  I was on a high fat, high protein, moderate carbs diet and it seemed to be working but than I noticed my hips were getting fat and I had gained 2 lbs.  The Superbowl feast didn’t help i’m sure.  So it’s back to high protein, moderate carb and low fat.  By low fat I mean 30g.  I’m not talking 10g or anything insane or unhealthy.

I also got a new morning cardio regimen.  It’s KILLER!  I felt so good afterwards.  When I was eating my breakfast I started sweating again and felt tingly, ah yeah!


Shoulder workout was awesome today!  I think it’s better knowing that I get my beloved Metrx afterwards.  Yeah new meal plan!  Metrx gives you muscles!

That’s another thing I talked with Tony about.  I’m not wanting to build anymore muscle.  I just want to get and stay LEAN! 


Goal weight is 119 in 14 days!  I’ll weigh in Friday to see where i’m at.  I’ll let the Superbowl bloat get out first 😉  Suday I was 121.6.  So I guess that’s really on 1 lb but it’s enough to cause a freak out for me.


Arnold is in 23 days!  Is there anything you can’t wait for?





  1. Juliana

    thats funny, cause I recently have gone from low carb to moderate carb and my damn hips grew too!! back to low, its the way to go 🙂

  2. Striations 🙂 WHOOO HOO!!!

    Little close to the boobage…LOL! Arms look great though!


    And Im excited for the Arnold!!! Cant wait to see you!!! 23 days? EEEKKK! My butt better get on that treadmill 😉

  3. Sylvia

    wow girl! you’ve been workin hard and really built up some delts there!! Way to go!!

  4. Check out those guns! I am with you on wanting to get leaner rather than building.

    My hips are always bigger, LOL! I am just curvy, no way around it.

  5. Nice!

    That’s my thing too, I want to just stay compact, but I do have a lot more muscle than before but I’m not going to worry about having more but just keeping my symmetry nice. :o) That’s more important anyway!

  6. fitlizzio

    look at those shoulders!! you are exactly like me. i told my trainer i just want to start cutting and lean out, but no more muscle. i don’t want to get any bigger than i am!

    • and we are huge huh? LOL!!

  7. Wow! Your shoulders and arms look great! I’m looking forward to hearing about your experience at the Arnold.
    Hope you are feeling well!

  8. Dang your shoulders are awesome!! Stop making me jealous!!

    • Whatever little April 😉

  9. peanutbutterfingers

    ow, ow! smokin’! 🙂

  10. your shoulders look awesome, girl!! I think I need to lower my fat too – I used to be around 30/40 but lately i’ve been around 60… I feel chunky!

  11. Margarita

    WOW! I would have thought this is Mike’s arm… but I don’t think brunettes (which I think Mike is) have that much freckles on their bodies 😉 Good job indeed! I need those kinda delts at this point! I need to put more intencity into my workouts… obviously!!!!

    • If only they looked like that when i’m 110 lbs.

  12. DMay

    Arnold Expo, here we come. I’m stoked!

    • YIPPEE!!!

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