X marks the spot and possible diagnosis?

Good thing Boomer has long legs.  The poor girl spent 20 minutes trying to find a place to poop this morning.  She is smart, she uses the tracks she’s already made to get back to the deck.


The doctor’s office has been trying to get ahold of me to make an appointment.  I’ve missed both of their calls.  I was in the middle of my chest workout when I got a call and answered it.  This time it was the doctor himself.  He said my bloodwork was normal except for an elevated pancreas enzyme.  He asked how I was feeling.  I told him my mood has been better and I haven’t been swollen in that area.  He told me if I experience any more pain before my appointoment to call him and I will need to have a CAT scan.  EEK!  I asked him about the “poor bowel prep” on my receipt.  He said it’s nothing I did wrong, I just have a sluggish digestive system.  If another colonoscopy is ever in order I will need to do 2 liquid days and an enema.  I’m a pro with those 😉


I got up this morning and had a kick azz workout!  It’s 30/30 which means 30 secs all out followed by 30 secs recovery…KILLAH!  After that I ate breakfast, read emails, picked on Mike, did dishes and then did my chest workout.  You all know I love me some chesticles!!  Incline flies, incline bench, flat bench, flat flies and close hand ball push ups.  I love those pushups, I can see my cleavage building 🙂


Have you heard of FitFlax?  It flax seeds AND chia seeds!  Add some crunch to your breakfast or salads 🙂



  1. I’ve never done pushups on a medicine ball – I worry i’d fall on my face! I did them with an upside down bosu ball one time – it was hard… 😦 I hope all goes well so you don’t have to have the CAT scan!

  2. Look at how HOTNESS you are in that pic! D@@@@@@@mn girl! 🙂

    I do a ton of push ups too but have only done the medicine ball ones in a boot camp class, they are tough! Great job!

    I wish you continued success in pinning down the cause of the tummy troubles!

  3. I did one arm push ups on a medicine ball today!

    “sluggish intestines.” Exact words out of my GI Doc’s mouth! 😦

  4. Hey chicky chicky – looking awesome in the photo! I hope you can get some answers to the GI issues and whatnot… it’s gotta be frustrating!

    Love pushups on the medicine ball, but even more love my planks on them! I put my feet on a medicine ball and my hands are on an upside-down bosu. Lol that’s my kind of strength training right there 😉

  5. I haven’t heard of fitflax but it sounds like something I need to check out! 🙂 Awesome picture you hottie! 🙂

  6. This is so funny- if you see my vlog today I am rambling on about how much I Loathe working chest!! LOL To each his own right??
    Hope you get some answers on the medical issues girl. You know I can relate and I am a different woman now that mine are figured out and the medicine is working!!!!


  7. oh! fitflax sounds so cool 🙂 i love a little crunch facto

  8. wow, those pics are so motivational!

  9. Chest is one of my favorite things to work too! Chest, legs and shoulders! WOO!!

    I ❤ that pic of you and Angela. Woot you get to see her in just a few weeks. I will be there in spirit!!

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