My ab day!

I often get asked what kind of exercises I do for my abs.  I don’t know why?

So i’ll give you a peak at my ab day today:

There you have it 🙂  On top of those days you have to have a CLEAN, CLEAN, diet.



  1. Girl, you are ripped! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Awesome!! I love your abs! 🙂

  3. Ros

    Man. Those are some serious abs!

  4. Hmm.. I wonder why?? DUH!! CAUSE YOU LOOK AMAZING!

  5. Ow owww! Keep it up, and thanks for some new ideas for an ab workout!

  6. THe clean, clean diet part kills me! And all of those exercises… hehe

  7. Nice photoshopped abs, Ape! LMAO! Just kidding! That’s a badass 8 pack you’re rocking in that pic! WOO HOO!

  8. I know why they ask… because you got some SERIOUS ABS!! I have one word.. “daaaaaaaamn!”


  9. Tyler

    wow! i’m so inspired 🙂

  10. thanks for your workout 🙂

  11. I love when people ask me at the gym what exercises they need to do to get rid of “their gut”…I tell them there is none, it’s ALL DIET. They hate hearing that, but it’s 100% truth. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN…which is why the only time I have ever had abs is during my 3 competitions. 😉

  12. WOWEE WOW WOW! Check out your abzzzzz!!! People asked me, too. (They don’t ask me now because I’m sporting a bloat) My response was that if you are stabilizing the right way when you’re weight training, your abs are working all the time. In combination with my SIMPLE ab workout and super clean diet…. ta-dah!!

    ps. very jealous of your abs! Good job!

  13. Those are awesome abs!! Great workout 😀

  14. I am def trying your ab routine…I wish I could see a demo of bodybuilders but I’ll make do. You look great! Amazing!

  15. Diet is sooo important for abs. Right now my abs are not in check but hey, who’s seeing them right? It’s winter 🙂

  16. are those your abs? nice goin lady 🙂

    • Those WERE my abs LOL! There still there somewhere…

  17. DMay

    Ripped! Thanks for the workout and demos. I need to focus more on my abs. I’ll be trying this tomorrow. Something new is always good. I like to mix it up. Most of time of add in ab exercises in between sets, if I’m not talking to my buddies too much. Ha!

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