Going shopping from A-Z

Do you remember that Tony Basil song?  Am I that old?  Mike and I are going shopping at the outlet mall this afternoon.  I will not be buying anything from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory 😦


Thank you for all the compliments on my abs.  I must say they don’t look like that unless i’m around 113 lbs.  I’m 7 or 8 or 9 lbs from that right now.  I’ve sent Tony my last 5 days of eating and he is going to evaluate it.  Wheat bran and cole slaw mix are not on my diet 😉  They are cheap and i’m without a job so cut me some slack.  At 107 and some major tanner they can look like this:

Genie no photo shop needed.  I’m a beast!


I love getting questions from you and I love getting comments!  Feel free to ask me anything!  I’m not one to hold anything back.  I’m an A cup, I don’t wear bras, and I look at my poop!  I hope I didn’t lose anyone now.


Do you remember these guys?

Ahhh….to be young again.

Cuz Emily and I.  Okay, so I was really in the 3rd grade about the time Shirt Tales was popular who am I fooling?

Luv ya!


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  1. Haha I love your open-ness! How tall are you??

    • I’m a giant! 5’3 😉

  2. i LOVE your blog and your recipes!! GIRL you have amazing abs!

    • Thanks lady!

  3. What a cute childhood photo!! You are so cute and yes, your abs rock at 113 or more!

  4. Now I know why I HEART you so much, because you are as dorky as me.

    • I know you are but what am I?

  5. shirt tales was my FAVORITE cartoon!! i should see if i can find them online an download them for y kiddos!

  6. I loved Shirt Tales! I had completely forgotten all about them!!! Love that you posted that!! 🙂 Have a fun shop day!

  7. Your open, honest writing is part of the appeal of your blog! I like the raw honesty!

    • I’m glad you like it 🙂 I pretty blunt as they come. The only thing I don’t talk about is sex…poop, periods, boogers and other NON personal stuff is fun for me 😉

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