Down in a hole….

Down in a hole, losin my soul
Down in a hole, losin control
Id like to fly but my
Wings have been so denied

It was BAD.  I stopped the Dicyclomine and i’m feeling better today.  I really hate stupid drugs.  Mike said he’d rather live with me complaining and stinking up the house than what he went through yesterday.  I love that man! ♥♥♥


TGF4WD!  (Thank goodness for 4 wheel drive).  Mike and I had rented a movie Sunday night.  Extract…VERY good especially if you’ve worked in a factory.  Jason Bateman is so good and cute in this movie.  Mike enjoyed Mila Kunis, man she really is a hot Russian.  I don’t know many but they’re all hot.  Of course when she talks all I can picture is Meg.

So Indiana got 7 more inches of snow yesterday…blah.  I’m so sick of it!!!  We did get use out of the truck last  night.  While others were sliding off into ditches and getting stuck in their driveway(been there) we were driving along nicely.


Talked with the trainer yesterday.  He is like a psychiatrist as well.  He told me to take a break from working out for a few days.  I told him today is shoulders and it’s my favorite.  He said just go easy on the cardio.  So this morning I slept in until 7a!  I really needed it.  I haven’t slept well in 4 days. 


Speaking of going easy on the cardio, guess what’s broke again?  My stinkin treadmill!  Well not a huge problem, just the belt sliding to the right.  So Sears is coming back today to fix it.  I told them to send someone else this time.  The last guy stunk, and left black stuff on our carpet.  So I can’t wait for it to be fixed so I can get a good sweat session in…tomorrow.  I could use Mike’s treadmill but I don’t like it.  I don’t wear makeup or nice clothes but i’m a treadmill diva 😀


Have you ever just broken down and cried and have no clue why?   Here is how I described to my fitness girls yesterday.  Hey guys. I had a massive meltdown today. I mean HUGE! Crocodile tears and the double pump cries, wow, it actually felt good. I’m still on the verge of just bawling. I have an awful feeling in my chest, the kind you have when your high school boyfriend wants to break up. It’s weird. I’m NOT a crier at all. It’s got to be the stupid Dicyclomine…i’m going to have to stop taking it. I’ll just deal with the stomach cramping and gas.



  1. EE

    I’m SO OVER the snow. OK, so we don’t have as much as you do, but I’m done with it. Must remember that at least the good things about it is watching the puppy play.

    Mila and Meg is indeed a funny juxtaposition!

  2. I hope you are feeling better…sometimes a good meltdown is in order! 🙂

  3. I love a good cry sometimes 🙂

    I like Mila….one of my favorite movies..Forgetting Sarah Marshall…..but i just think of her as Jackie from 70s show…she is too cute 🙂

  4. I definitely feel like that sometimes. It’s bad when I feel liek doing that at work. Thank goodness for private bathroom stalls!

    I have that movie Extract available on Netflix on demand. I’m going to see if I can watch it this weekend.

    Hope you feel better Ms. April!

  5. Aww April I’m sorry your feeling poopy! (Literally- or not.) Sorry I had to throw that in there!

    I do the crying thing a lot actually. I got it from my mom- I cry when I’m mad, sad, stressed, frustrated, and sometimes even happy!

  6. Stef

    We have 15″ on the ground….8″ from yesterday.

    Sometimes a cry is awesome!


  7. yes actually, I have an entire week every month that I feel like that! Haha.. whether it’s for something sad/frustrating, or I’m just overly happy.. that week I could pretty much pump out tears on the drop of a dime. Good if I ever get pulled over for “hurrying”….. kidding!!!! sorta. 😉

  8. April, I’m so sorry things aren’t going so well. But crying can be such a great release and help you relax a little bit. The stomach thing is such a big issue (I’ve been there). If the meds don’t sit well, maybe give acupuncture a try? It’s a great natural medicine and can help for all kinds of things.

    p.s. ain’t nothin’ wrong with being a treadmill diva!

  9. intheskinny

    Boo on the broken treadmill (again)!

    I do feel that medicine can really affect you – one medicine I’m on gives me hives while I workout if I take it right before and another made me not hungry or have a desire to eat.

  10. Yes, and it’s normally when I have been pushing myself too hard without even knowing. I have to remember that everyone needs a break sometimes. I hope you feel much better soon. I know exactly the feeling you’re describing and that’s not fun for anyone! Tomorrow has to be a better day 🙂

  11. Girl, I’ve done enough crying over the past year to last a lifetime!! And most of it was just getting to that breaking point of “Gee WHIZ (of course I probably used swear words) how much more can I take of this??”
    Also I cry at the drop of a hat whenever Aunt Flo visits. Seriously. The mailman makes me cry at that point.

  12. we girls have it rough sometimes dont we! i blame oestrogen for a lot of things 😛


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