Last Chance Workout Review


Today was suppose to be a rest day.  Rest days in my head mean rest from HIIT or heavy lifting.  So I got On Demand and did this workout.

I didn’t think I would work as hard as I did.  Man, changing things up really kicks you in the butt!

This workout is 30 secs of cardio, then pick up the weights and 30 seconds of that.  It was a really good one!

If you have Comcast give it a try!

The cardio is different versions of jumping jacks, jogging, jump roping and some kickboxing.  It’s a full body workout as well.

It was just what my body needed on a rest day.



  1. EE

    Way to go, you!

  2. I used to LOVE FitTV! I need to check out our DirectTV workout schedules. Glad you had a booty kicking workout. (totally typed “cookout” instead of “workout”… wonder why I’m so food oriented! LOL!)

  3. Amy

    April, I did this workout and loved it. I mean its no disco dancing with cheryl burke but…

    Thanks for the tip
    U Rock!!

    • You and that gay ass disco dancing LOL!

  4. ComCast Exercise TV ON Demand is so helpful to me! I get bored easily and having so many options gives me on my toes!

  5. KEEPS me on my toes that is.

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