Crunchy Cookie Fail

Hey guys!  I’m so excited about the comments on my last post.  I was hoping it wasn’t taken the wrong way and it seems you all understand what i’m trying to get at.  I’m not blogging for people to tell me i’m eating to much protein or working out too much.  Just like i’m not telling you that to get lean you can’t drink wine or eat cheese for example.  I will give you my opinion if you ask for it.  If someone tells me that if I do yoga I can look like Madonna you better believe i’ll laugh in your face.  Why?  I don’t LIKE yoga!  I fall asleep.  I’m not saying it isn’t a good workout because when I do do it i’ll am sore and feel great…it’s just not for me.(i said do do)  Kind of like long distance running.  My hats go off to you ladies 😀


Okay, last night before Idol I decided to make a crunchy cookie.  I made it in a ceramic bowl…EPIC fail.  It was like rubber.  SO, it seems you MUST make it in plastic bowls.  Remember, the key is VERY little water.  If you are afraid of plastic you’re out of luck 😉  The other day I put some coconut oil in it.  HOLY YUMBALLS!(thanks again Barb)  I just added maybe 1/4 of a tsp to the batter before microwaving. 


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  1. EE

    People who march to the beat of their own drums need to stick together. 😉 Too much lemming mentality = too little happiness. Go you for being YOU.

  2. girl you do whats best for you and thats all that matters 🙂 I am not a HUGE fan of yoga myself, I do it occasionaly but not a huge fan!

  3. You are like my big sister!! I don’t like yoga either. I never sweat! And long distance running?? Never ever have I attempted!

  4. Lindsay

    April I am determined to figure out this crunchy cookie thing! 😉 I will try again tonight and report back.

  5. do do

    I think it’s so funny reading what other people do! We all have different methods of training that we enjoy AND DIETING! and different things work for different people.

    I want a cookie. A REAL cookie.

  6. Got to try that crunchy cookie!!!!! Love your attitude!

  7. haha yumballs..:)


    I love how you are not fearful of putting tempermental subjects out there. You are such a spitfire and i REALLY admire you!


  8. I must say April… I love ya 🙂 I wish sometimes I loved cardio as much as you too 🙂 Ummmm…. I also have to say I have to try the cookie… and well I was reading the post below on my phone with my boyfriend sitting next to me and he said… the things you girls do for a freaking cookie… and that don’t look like a cookie… OH TO BE A SKINNY ASS MAN that eats cookies like they are no big deal.

    Keep the idea’s coming… you are my source for what tastes good 🙂 And I’m thinking we’ve got some f’d up taste buds 🙂

    • LMAO!!!

  9. peanutbutterfingers

    i feel ya on the yoga thing… i wish i could get into it, but i just can’t get “in the zone.”

  10. Lisa

    Yoga may not be for everyone, but you can attain a beautifully toned body if it were something that you loved to do, not to mention the mental benefits. If you need to sweat, try birkam. The thing that is great about yoga is that it teaches you to embrace your “true” form and shape and listen to yourself. You can’t knock it if you don’t try it 🙂

    • I’m not knocking it. I have tried it. It is a good workout but not something I would stick with.

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