There is no wrong answer

There is nothing wrong with the above picture.  She looks healthy and all I really find wrong is she is in need of a bang trim.  What does she eat?  Probably lots of fruit, salads, and vegetables.  She enjoys herself on the weekend slacking on her diet because she hass been strict all week.  She enjoys long leisure runs and lifts little dumbbells every now and then.  If something comes up it’s not a problem.  She’ll skip her workout or eat at a drive thru…no biggie.  Again, nothing wrong with this.  She is happy with herself.

This girl likes her muscle.  What does she eat?  ALOT.  Meals are spaced every 2-3 hours, each meal between 200-400 calories.  All meals include protein and carbs.  The more muscle you have the more your body will burn all day long.  Meals are for example, oatmeal with egg whites and whey, fish,veggies and rice, chicken and sweet potatoes and healthy fats spread out when her body needs it.  Why does she carry a cooler?  Seh’s NOT stopping at a drive thru or going off of her meal plan.   Her workouts are killer.  She is sprinting until she is about to puke, lifting until you can’t lift anymore.  Oh, you want to go to the mall at noon?  Make it 2p she has to get in her workout first.


These are just 2 different types of physiques.  There is no wrong answer.  To each their own.  The last may sounds extreme to some people.  I mean 5 years ago I would have thought she was off her rocker. 


I started with my trainer in 2007.  Before this I ate maybe 700 calories a day.  I worked out out like a freak and just figured I was meant to be fluffy.

After only 8 months with Tony I learned how to eat right and put on the muscle I wanted.  It wasn’t easy.  At first I felt like I was missing out.  Now I look at pizza and it doesn’t even look good.  I look at a can of nuts or jar of almond butter and THAT looks good 🙂  I do still enjoy treats every now and then.  Like when i’m on a cruise!  I always say don’t feel sorry for me.  I enjoy the work it takes to look how I want.

I don’t mean for this post to be taken the wrong way.  I just want others to know that what I do may seem extreme to some.  I DO eat and I DO workout alot.  I’ve always loved to work out.  I would rather eat chicken and broccoli and be hungry again in 2 hours than to eat 2 slices of pizza and get heartburn.  For me this obvisouly works.  I do have a magic weight number that I want to be at and for me it is healthy and sustainable.  This came about after reading little April’s post yesterday.  She is doing what she needs to build muscle and doing well I might add.  She keeps getting hounded and I feel like she’s my little sister 🙂


What’s your story?  How often and what kinds of things do you eat throughout the day?  Someday I might change my tune.  I find that getting older you experiment more when you are having issues.  Your body is a science experiment.  You have to play around until you find what works for you.  I don’t recommend the starvation diet because it does NOT work!!!!



  1. I LOVED your comparison and you are so right about both of those looks in that nothing is wrong with either one of them. It is based simply of your personal preference the look that you like the best and what you are willing to do or not do to get to your ideal body. I used to be over 200 pounds and finally I have turned my life around and I am getting ready to compete in my first bikini competition in 16 weeks. I love the 2nd look, the girl with the muscles, A LOT and I hope to look kind of like that one of these days or somewhat close at least. I love your “after” picture too and I think you look AMAZING. You have to do what you want to do for you and that is all there is to it. Just think how much your insides love that healthy food and exercise you are giving it. Keep up your hard work and continue to enjoy your healthy food and exercise.

  2. Ahh your amazing April!! I used to be like the “before” you too. But now i”m loving the weight lifting life! And I personally think it’s much more fun to eat 8 meals a day instead of 3! I like to eat! And I’m kind of considering training for a competiton now although I doubt I’d ever get on stage because I’m too shy! But I like the lifestyle 🙂

    P.S. You look amazing in that picture!!

  3. DMay

    I love this post! True, each of us has a different perspective on what healthy should look like. A couple of years ago I would have said I want to look like the girl in the first picture…but now I know how important having muscle is and eating a balanced diet. So the second girl is how I perceive healthy to be NOW. So many of you have helped me realize that and I want to thank you for sharing all that you know!

  4. Balance and moderation are key when it comes to working out and eating right. There are so many people that would kill to look like the before’s and then you have the ones that actually push themselves to be the after’s. No matter what way you look at it, it boils down to living a healthy lifestyle and if more people would embrace it I think we’d have a far less image conscious society. Great post today girl! Killer abs! 🙂

  5. LOVE your post today. It’s a great reminder that everyone has their own health goals and what feels right for one person isn’t right for everyone. I do love the way those muscles look but still somehow I struggle with eating enough throughout the day. Changing mindset, at least for me, is as important as achieving the goal I guess.

    Thanks again for the great post. You look fantastic by the way!

  6. Sylvia

    EXCELLANT post April!!! I agree 100% , no right answer to each their own, and I don’t judge.

    I am a muscle girl tho 😉

    And YOU my girl have added so much MUSCLE you are lookin’ fab and have really changed your physique, I wanna get off my chair right now and do some shoulder presses LOL!

    Great Blog 🙂

  7. This WAS a really interesting post! I am really trying to reshape my own mindset. I used to strive for that waifish model look, but what it took to get there is no way to live. I am finding I really do love putting on muscle and sticking to my clean foods.

    FOR ME though I would NEVER want to live a life where I had to tote a cooler with me everywhere and get anxious if I couldn’t have my own food or get my workout it. It’s a very slippery slope for me and that would just be disordered.

    Like everyone said…to each their own!

  8. oh yes, I love my mini meals full of great flavor and nutrients! I tend to eat a bigger dinner but thats my favorite meal to prepare so TOTALLY WORTH IT! Love my weights but have to admit, I am still a cardio junkie. Thats what happends when you marry an endurance athlete, haha!

    Great post april!

  9. ana

    love this post i would be happy with either one of those bodies 🙂

  10. Nancy

    Hi April. I’ve been reading your blog, along with Miss April’s. I delurked from hers, and this post made me want to delurk from yours. You are so, so right with this post, and I’m glad that you took the time to put it together. We all have choices and are modivated by different things. Just because I make a different choice (to be at the gym at 5:00am and eat 7 small meals a day) and work very hard to get what I want (killer muscles and strength) doesn’t make me better than anyone else – just different. And that’s fine. But if we aren’t going to pass judgement, I sort of expect the same respect from others with regard to how we live our lives – ‘ya know?
    I love your before and after! Awesome.
    Oh, so sorry to read about your tummy troubles. I can sympathize. I’m on that same road. I know what’s causing mine, but I can’t seem to find the right combo to make it all better!
    Have a great day, and I look forward to reading your posts every day!

  11. Great post. I think it’s important to remind people that looking like you do takes time, work and committment!

  12. Lindsay

    Great post!

  13. I love this post. I used to be the same soft person, eating around 700 calories like you, exercising and still being… well, soft. Since seeing the light, my body is also changing. Its ok if you want to eat pizza, or protein shakes. You just have to decide what you want to happen. I think a lot of women dont realize that they are trying to achieve their “perfect body” the wrong way, eating too little and putting in nothing but cardio.

    Nice guns girl!

  14. I agree that everyone needs to find what works for them personally and that is obviously going to be different for everyone! I think we all should focus more on ourselves and less on other people anyway! Who are we to judge….

  15. Is it a total cop out to say that I want to be between them?! I feel like I def have fun on the weekends and want to be able to do that, but i’m pretty strict during the week – sticking to meal plan, bringing my own food, not missing workouts, etc. I dunno – I like both looks but find that for me to still work out on the weekend I’m okay with #1 + a little bit ‘o muscle!

    Your abs look ridiculous in that pic btw!

  16. LOVE IT!!!!!! so true so true!

  17. EE

    Is the first person Mischa B? Because wouldn’t you know it, my mind went to “I bet she’s not happy since Perez is so mean to her.” 😉

    Just checked out your success story on the site. You have a LOT to be proud of.

    • Ha! I’m not being mean to her…she looks great and healthy! Perez is gross 😉

  18. Well done Apester:) have come such a long way…


  19. Geat post!! I currently look like girl number 1, but with a much better hair cut and I would NEVER wear that top – doesn’t work well for pancakes! haha
    April, you are looking INCREDIBLE!! I wish I have your ‘year round’ motivation! KUDOS!

  20. Fantastic post girl. I know you know- but all last year a big part of me wasting my efforts was due to listening to EVERYONE that would pipe in their two cents. You should ONLY do fasted cardio. You shouldn’t do cardio. You should break up your cardio. You should eat 6 meals. No carbs, cycle carbs, all carbs. Lo-fat, higher fat, no fat. No red meat. Red meat is fine. Nothing fake. No caffeine. Caffeine is ok. Dairy is bad, cottage cheese and yogurt are great! ONLY isolation moves! No only circuit training. 2 hours a day is overtraining. No- eat more, train more. No, eat less, train less. If I had a dollar for every time I started over last year, well one of my credit cards would be paid off.
    We have to experiment and find what works for our bodies I totally agree. To each his own. Seriously!

    • Kel

      wow- could not agree more with your post kelly olexa! i’m currently finding myself being swayed with all those contradicting ideas & “rules” for being healthy.
      i think i have been told that dairy should be avoided about a million times. and then i have been told that 3 servings of dairy are necessary for health! hmm.
      then i realize that living by all these rules clearly is not healthy at all!
      it seems as though everyone has their own opinion as to what works, but people don’t understand that it’s not a “one size fits all” kind of deal!

  21. Nice post April. I was trying to get that across on April’s post last night but you did a much better job. But then you had a whole post not just a comment section 🙂 JK

  22. YOu look fantastic! I like food, and I like to eat. I’m okay with being a little fluffy, because I actually do lift and work hard. I look way better than I did 100 pounds ago, that’s for sure.
    I think I fall between your 2 phases.

    I like multiple small meals because I don’t like to feel overly full.

  23. Monica

    Hi April,

    From one muscle girl to another…this post rocks my world! 🙂

    I recently came across your blog by way of the other April’s blog. I love both blogs!!

    You look fantastic, by the way. Keep it up!!


  24. Well said!

  25. You’ve had one great transformation! Love it!

  26. Saw your link over at the other April’s post this morn. I love it!!! I have been doing weights for 25++ years but did not get serious or even understand them right until my mid 30’s & then I did a couple years of amateur bodybuilding in my late 30’s.

    You are so right.. to each their own & like you, I work out A LOT & I love the weights! I also used to be like you in that I ate way too little & did not look near as good as I do now & I am a lot older!

    Congrats on all you do!

  27. YES!! I lovelovelove this post. You are so right, both bodies are wonderful, and one is not better or more desirable than the other. It all depends on what makes the person inside that body happy. I used to struggle a lot when I first changed my eating habits, with balancing it out with my social life. Most people in their early 20’s don’t carry coolers to class, and would rather be at the pub late friday night, than in bed so they can squeeze in an early morning workout. I’ve realized that it’s okay for me to be lax with my diet sometimes to feel “normal” with my peers, but at the same time I’ve totally embraced my seemingly unusual eating and exercise habits. In fact, I kinda like being teased about it now 😉

    Oh, and I don’t care how many people tell me that dairy is evil – I love yogurt and cottage cheese and am not giving it up 🙂

  28. The girl in the first picture doesn’t look bad, she just looks like she got caught in a bad picture. As we all have. I mean, the suit isn’t necessarily a good choice for a girl who has a smaller upper body but who cares? I mean, she’s probably really super tan in person and petite even though she’s taller and thin. I think when you take outdoor pictures like this they make you look pale and bad. She probably looks nice in person. If you can look decent in a picture that would make most people look awful, then you look good normally.

    I personally think we always look better in person–pictures can suck!

    I have learned to just go with the flow of my body and my life. If I need to eat something on the spur of the moment then I will but I wont be a pig about it or use it as an excuse to pig out. My body is doing much better now that I eat this way and kind of just go with the flow of life and am happy.

    Before, I would fret over every little thing and eat everything so dead-on that I feel like it made me work as if I were walking UPSTREAM and causing my body to not feel normal…that is my new theory. The more comfortable your body is in life the better results you’ll get from diet/exercise!

    The second picture of that girl is hawt! I love her physique! :o) But I know ladies who do 50% less of the effort she does and look just as good or nearly as good. So, we just all gotta learn what our body needs!


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