Hello my name is April

I am a protein powder addict.

Have I mentioned how tasty Muscle Guage Nutrition whey powder is?  Not to mention it is made with stevia.  I have tried just about every flavor and my favorite is chocolate caramel, followed by cake batter.  I haven’t tried a flavor I don’t like yet.

The red container is Mike’s 🙂


Do you use powders?  If so what kind.



  1. Becky

    Hi there, those protein powders look sooo good, especially the cake batter! I have a questions-i looked the MGN p.p. up b/c i wanted to to buy one and on the ingredient list it said “aspartate-acid” which sounds a lot like aspartame….do you know if they are linked? Thanks!

    • I contacted Muscle guage and they told me that their whey used to be made with splenda. They changed it all over to stevia. Here are the ingredients labeled on my jugs.

      Pure Whey Protein Isolate, Natural And Artificial Flavor, Xanthan Gum, Stevia.

  2. I need protein powder like I need a hole in the head. Problem is I don’t like anything I have. I’m going to try the MGN next. If it’s good enough for my Ape, it’s good enough for this country bumpkin. 🙂


      • LMAO! What is that?!

        I just saw your MRM on sale at bb.com for buy 2 get 1 free! :o) $39.98 for 6lbs of chocolate! I mean, chocolate flavored protein powder! And there is some code floating around for 10 or 20% off…

        Just thought I’d share. I immediately thought of you!


  3. I love my BIOCHEM Whey protein but am dying to try the Muscle Gauge. You and the other april keep talking about and the Cake batter sounds awesome!!! Do they sell sample sizes anywhere?

  4. HOw’d you get the samples?? I love cake batter and rocky road is pretty good. how’s the ice cream one??

    • The actual vanilla is better than the ice cream vanilla I think. It’s not sweet enough for me.

  5. Wow that’s a LOT of protein powder!!

  6. Hey girl…thanks for stopping by, I need to KEEP up with you more! 13 days and counting and the Arnold stage and a little bit more FOOD!

    Have a great TGIF and I will be stopping by more often!

  7. That is a lot of protein powder!

    I currently have Pure Protein, which I like. I like the Designer Whey natural. I mostly like to avoid any flavored with artificial sweeteners.

    I also like unflavored Brown Rice powder, but now I can’t remember the brand LOL!

  8. I wish I could afford a lot of flavors of protein powder but I stick with vanilla as it mixes into everything & my money is limited! I use both a whey isolate for fast release & a whey/casein for slower release & sometimes I mix the two! I would use a lot more protein powder & try many of yours & the other April’s recipes if I could afford more. I will have to see if my local store carries this brand. Hey, maybe you can get them to do a giveaway!!!

  9. I had only used organic vanill Hemp protein powder until recently. I saw Biochem Chocolate Fudge on the other April’s blog and I have gone through almost an entire can (small) in one week!! I have been looking for Cake Batter flavor in All The Whey but everyone seems to be sold out. I didn’t know that Muscle Gauge made a cake batter flavor!!

  10. Holy crap girl, I love your stash! I really cannot hang with whey or soy so ive only done Sun Warrior and Jay Robb brown rice. And a few vega which is hemp or pea. I like sun and jay, not so much on others. I have heard excellent things bout Dessert in the red that you have but it’s whey i believe and i am intol to dairy.

  11. SCORE on the protein!! I love PP too! I use BSN lean dessert, cinnamon (mostly in baking bc its so good!) also love sun warrior and jay robb proteins. My Boyfriend loves syntha 6! he gets the banana creme flavor which I just cant picture being good, but he likes it!

    good to know about muscle gauge, I havent heard of that before!

  12. You are hilarious!!! 🙂 I typically use either Jay Robb or Myoplex Lite.

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