You are what you eat

Last night I went to mom’s and took Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas.  My sister and I use to watch that all the time.  It was fun for us to watch it again and just laugh like we were still little kids.  Mike had never seen it and pretended like he was sleeping on the singing parts.  He ended up thinking it was a good show.  I thought she was going to have chili and peanut butter sandwiches for dinner but it ended up being pizza and cheesy bread.  Good think I had my lunch box with me 😉

I had grilled up some fish, used the rest of the salad as a container, used the rest of my green beans and zucchini and 100 cal pkt of guacamole.  It was a hodge podge.  I wanted to clean the refrigerator out because I knew I would be getting a new meal plan today.

I swear i’m not even low carbing it right now and look what I did?

Mom gave me my Valentine’s gift last night.  It was a card and chocolates, a sucker, lottery ticket and a manicure set.  I left the chocolate there and Rachel insisted I try out the sucker.  I told her she sees a fun yummy sucker, I see 22g of carbs and 18g of sugar YIKES!  I still can’t believe we are related.


So back to my new meal plan.  Remember my list last year?

  • NO BLUE CHIPS(okay maybe 2 have popped in my mouth)
  • NO SWEETS! (bee pollen is my chocolate)
  • NO EATING OUT (unless I bring my food)
  • LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER….7L right now
  • Well that is when i’m trying to get as lean as possible for competition.  It worked too.


    Now i’m trying to get lean and keep my wee muscles.  Some yummies on my plan include:

    • cottage cheese
    • soy crisps
    • lunch meat 😮
    • berries
    • peanut butter
    • bread
    • burgers
    • whole eggs

    So that stuff may not seem exciting to you but it is to me HA!  Now of course each meal, serving size and  day is strategically planned by Tony

    Do you like menu planning?  I don’t like deciding on what I eat.  That’s why I have a trainer/nutritionist/life coach.  I do like cooking and making things for Mike.


    Speaking of Mike.  He’s doing a mini marathon in May.  He started training the day after the Super Bowl.  He would really love to gain 10 lbs.  He weighed yesterday and has lost 6 lbs since the Super Bowl….men.  Did I mention he ate pizza yesterday?  ARG!!!



    1. Cute lips!

    2. I love NuNaturals & I hate dieting for a competition! 🙂 You look great!

      I remember when I had to come down from my bodybuilding years. I wanted to keep muscle but not be that big as I am an easy gainer. Much more when I was younger though. Our bods changes as we age.. UGH!

      Anyway, I did a lot of circuit training & drop sets to keep me lean but keep muscle. I also changed up the food as I could not eat as much as when I was competing.

      As for food planning. I keep it basic.. I am so bad at it. Wish I had somebody to do it for me BUT I do like to make my own rules. 🙂

    3. Your dinner last night looked delicious! I could put guac on a shoe and it would be tasty.

      As far as meal planning: I am a control freak so I don’t think having someone plan out my meals would be ideal. But I am curious about what Tony could do with my diet–I peeked at his website yesterday so we’ll see.

      And as for men–they stink with their stupid weight loss! My husband can pretty well eat what he wants and still has a hard time keeping weight on. Totally unfair!

    4. Nice job on having your box with you! 🙂 I love meal planning! I DO remember your list – its contents still frighten me! hehe

    5. heehee,LOVE your food list! maybe im a little crazy,but it all sounds good!
      and yeah,even though i dont much care for meal planning,i do it to keep me in line.
      keep on doing what your doing!
      so whens the next comp?
      circle city??

    6. I LOVE menu planning… but I don’t always stick to it. 😉

      I don’t like the whole “You are what you eat” thing today… That means I’m a Cadbury Egg… or two. *ducks*

    7. Men! I hear ya! It’s so frustrating…but then again, it’s probably equally as aggrevating for Mike when he’s wanting to gain weight as it is for you when you are wanting to lose the weight!

      Nice to see you have some different variety on your diet!

    8. Pucker up, butta cup! Cute lips!

      I love having a trainer tell me what to eat too. I do enough planning all week long. I am ready for someone to tell me what to eat, how much and when so I can lose weight. Guacamole sounds really good now that you mention it. Yum!

    9. LMAO love the pict of you and the lips!

    10. I love planning my meals… especially when I know the food will be yummy.

      I went through a low carb phase last year and all I ate was tuna. Hated it back then 🙂 It was so funny, as soon as I started adding normal, healthy food like oatmeal again, I got excited like you are 🙂

    11. Hi, just found your blog. I don’t mind choosing what I eat, but when it comes to working out, I need my trainer. I want him to tell me exactly what to do. Why risk doing something that isn’t going to get me results, right?

    12. intheskinny

      7L of water? I would be stuck to the toilet all day long.

      My husband is the same way with his weight. Can drop pounds like you can’t believe. Annoying as all get out.

    13. EE

      I don’t like meal planning because I am super-lazy.

      You can email me about this, but where do you do your competitions? I’m so curious. I may or may not have seen your picture at my gym, too. Trying to figure that out. 😉

    14. I dont really meal plan per se but I do just kinda always eat the same things: high raw fruits & veggies, whatever’s in season. You and I probably have very different eating paths as you’re doing a competition but I also avoid gluten, soy, dairy, and things you’re cutting out too.
      P.s Great pics of you in this post!

    15. Its actually all about selections that we make when it comes to looking and feeling great. Excuses simply come when somebody has a priority that is higher. The challenge occurs when something else comes along that affects your health, then you have to reassess and work out outfor youwhat is the most essential.

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