Do you remember?

I’m a child of the 80’s.  Things were so much better than you think?  I wonder if kids of the 90’s think the 90’s were awesome?  Do you remember these treats?  It’s obvious I haven’t always been a health nut.  Man, I can’t believe I ever ate these things!


My favorite the chocolate ones of course.


My friend Amy and I used to drink this like I drink water now!  It was WAY better than Yoo-Hoo.  Seems it was made in Indiana and maybe no ones knows about it but us Hoosiers?


I just love Keebler elves.  I wish I was one.


Those little sandwiches were amazing!

Giggles cookies



My poor parents.


What thing do you remember that you liked?  It’s no wonder I had so many cavities!



  1. Oh I remember loving those Keebler cookies with the hidden chocolate in the middle! haha! Do they even still make those?!

    • I don’t know but if you find them let me know!

  2. EE

    How in the world did I forget those giggle cookies? I even remember how they smelled. Weird alert.

    I was born in ’81, so I sort of think of myself as more of a ’90s child. And I definitely didn’t drink until age 21 (I really am that geeky), so why am I thinking about Zima? Haha!

    • Dude! I didn’t drink until I was 22! I remember how those cookies smelled too HA!

  3. Oh I love the 80’s. My childhood! Remember Fragel Rock?! I was obsessed with ding dongs and little debbie oatmeal pies, which they still make. I bought one the other day just to try again and WOW are those things too sweet for me now. HAHA! boy have our taste buds changed.

    • Man, I loved Ding Dongs. Especially when they were frozen 🙂

  4. Delicious looking cookies, hehe. I was born in the 90’s so not many of these (actually…none) are familiar!
    ❤ jess

  5. Margarita

    Born in Russia, and having spent the entire 80’s in Germany, I have nothing to share with you. I DID try the whistle candy in Germany though but I am not a fan of hard candy at all. I was big on chewing gum (and even collected the inserts from some of them), and chocolate, of course. I remember when I first tried Snickers bars (again- in Germany), I thought I died and went to heaven! LOL

    • Mike spent most of the 80’s in Germany too! When I talk of certain things he has no clue.

  6. Amy

    Aw Ape, those are all my favorite things!! do you know whats better than Chocola?……….free chocola. Thanks for the blast from the past!

    • Of course they are your favorites too! We use to pig on all that stuff together LOL! We are like the same person…or were 😉

  7. Count Chocula cereals!

    I miss those!

    I also miss my lucky charms.

    • I know! I was looking for the Frankenberry and couldn’t find it anymore.

  8. I miss my purple leg warmers and The Loco-Motion!! I loved the Paula Abdul video “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back” because it included a cartoon cat 🙂

    • The locomotion LOL! I bet leg warmers will be back…just wait 😉

  9. Angela

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane 🙂 And that i have just spent the last hour watching old 80s commercials…LOL!

    • You’re welcome 😉

  10. Angela

    i cant stop now!!

  11. OMG I used to love those Hostess Pudding Pies (chocolate was the best!) funny that you mentioned that because I am originally from Indiana and anytime I think of those, I think Indiana. Random 🙂

    Along with that….Fraggle Rock, Cabbage Patch Kids, Duran Duran, Rainbow Brite, Pop Rocks, Only two flavors of Doritos and wasn’t there some kind of Ghostbusters cereal??

    Ok I will stop now. Bottomline-the 90’s will never compare to the 80s!

    • I like random! Where at in Indiana? Good job on getting out LOL!

      I remember C3PO cereal.

      • Haha…Munster up in Lake County. When people ask I always say Lake County and then they reply “Gary?” and Im like “Umm do I look like Im from Gary??” My sis lives in Indianapolis and is always trying to get me to move there but I regrettfully decline 🙂


    • The best! With warm mayonnaise….sounded good back then.

  13. You are cracking me up lately with your posts!! 🙂 Love it! I’m an 80’s gal myself but fortunately/unfortunately LOL my mom never let us eat that kind of stuff. Although I do scratch my head at the fact that she would not allow any sugar cereals BUT would then allow Hawaiian Punch and Toaster Strudels!!! Um….hello SUGAR! LOL

    • Or Tang and Kool-aid! Wow, talk about a sugar buzz. We talk bad when parents let their kids drink pop but we were downing sugar other ways HA!

  14. Oh…I had forgotten all about the pudding pies and Giggles cookies! I love the 80’s…And now I will go watch Back to the Future for the 300th time! Thank you very much!

    • The 80’s were the best!

      Back to the Future….This is heavy

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