Froth Chocolate

Just add all together, blend in bullet, microwave for 1 min.  Watch while microwaving to make sure it doesn’t spill over.  The heat will make it frothy…mmmm…..



  1. someone is becoming quite the food blogger!!!

  2. No way! I’m not a food blogger :p These are things i’ve been doing for years and thought I may as well share 🙂

  3. You are attracting other food bloggers! Haha… Sounds awesome girl. Like healthy hot chocolate 🙂

  4. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. April..don’t fight it girl.…muhahahahahahaah

    Foodbuzz will soon be a knocking…

    • Hee hee, I love the Food Network and I love food blogs!

      Anyone can get the food buzz logo on the side of their blog 😉

  6. Sounds delicious!!

  7. that sounds AWESOME!
    im about to order some muscle gauge cake batter protein u highly recommend it?

    • You betcha!

  8. YUM! sounds awesome!!! I need to make this! I have BSN lean dessert cinnamon roll I bet it woudl be awesome with that protein!!

    • I bet you’re right! Mmmm…i’d call that liquid butter LOL!

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