We’re not eating bird food


I cooked it too long and it wasn’t runny 😦


Worked out bi/tris and 25 minutes of butt kicking, air gasping cardio.


PWO snack

Strawberry Muscle Gauge Nutrition WPI.   I’m not a strawberry ice cream lover but this was tasty.



I never thought I would eat lunch meat again.  Remember I got to eat the entire package.  I was seriously so happy eating this.  After I was done I had a euphoric experience….not kidding. 


More cardio.  Now I remember why I like to not have a full stomach.

Snack 2

Using my apple slice corer makes this much easier.  That’s a little cup of Crazy Richards Natural Chunky Peanut Butter…mmmm..



I have not had a hamburger on a bun in forever!  I had a few options here.  Bun, sweet potato, asparagus or slaw.  I went with bun and slaw 🙂


I also have to throw in the Law Abiding Citizen is an GREAT movie.


Before bed snack

This looks weird but was so good!  1 % small curd Cottage cheese, cake batter protein and strawberries YUM!


There you have it!  Now today i’m back to eating my bird food 🙂  I hopped on the scale this morning and I had gained a pound.  Totally to be expected.  All the carbs and sodium will do that.  I’m hoping this new meal plan will shock the fat out of me!  Breakfast this morning looked like this.  I won’t be posting pics of my eats all the time so don’t get use to it 😉  Mainly out of respect to my awesome trainer.

I wanted to post this because that is a 1/4 cup of oats.  It’s really amazing what a couple of egg whites cooked in at the end will do for it.  That and cream of tartar shaked in them before whipping in your blender!


Do you have any tips on making your smaller meals seem big? I like to fill half of my plate up with a salad.  It seems like i’m eating alot.  That and the cream of tartar and egg white trick in the oats.



  1. What’s in that PWO snack? The strawberry one?

    And I do all kinds of stuff to make volume.. tons of veggies, add egg whites, baking powder, pumpkin, etc!

    • Post Workout 🙂

  2. I add tons of veggies to every meal. I love also adding whipped egg whites to oatmeal. Makes a huge difference.

  3. When I make oats I cook them on super low heat in extra water. It takes forever but they are huge!

  4. This might sound silly, but I’m not necessarily trying to get my meals to look or feel bigger. Why? Because IMO the ridiculous portion sizes in our country are a huge contributor as to why we all feel the need to eat so much. I personally WANT to get used to eating smaller amounts and being satisfied. The more my mind is getting used to it and realizing, wow, I’m not “starving” from these smaller meals….I’m changing and not needing food to satisfy me as much. Still, I see your point. That 1/4 cup looks like a lot more.
    And all your stuff looks YUMMY. 😉

    • I understand what you mean 😉 For ME…i’ve been eating rabbit food for the last 3 years. I like to eat slowly in the morning and savor my breakfast so I like it to seem like alot. Also I like my dinners to seem big as well. I’m making a GREAT meal for Mike and want to enjoy mine too. I typically inhale my food and don’t savor it. I need to work on that.

  5. EE

    Of course I’m imagining you terrifying the crap out of the fat so it runs away screaming. 😉

  6. I love runny eggs!!

  7. Rather than making my meals feel bigger, I load up on veggies, which obviously makes me feel fuller. I also try to make sure there is something crunchy with every meal, because for some reason my mind says, “finished!” when I have something crunchy.

  8. nice layout! “butt kicking, air gasping cardio” sounds fabulous. cant wait to see if this works for dropping that last bit of fat.

  9. I love that frog pic but I hate feeling that way too! Does not happen too often with me! 🙂

  10. I totally just used eggs white and cream of tarter to get pancakes out of my protein pancakes this morning. Works great! I also add xanathum gum to oats and other foods to make them thicker. Oh and I add almond milk to make my scrambled eggs creamy. YUM!

  11. intheskinny

    LOL. Love the frog picture.

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