Freebie…South Beach Bar

Free South Beach Bar

Thanks for the tips on voluminzing food!  I tried some xantham gum in my oats per Linsday and  it made MORE on my plate!  I typically eat my oats in a bowl unless i’m using 1/4 cup 😉

Linsday and her man are giving Julie and her man a run for the money on the cutest couple alive!  It’s a tie!


It looks like tilapia is in the lead!!  Do you like restaurant salmon?  Sometimes I think they over cook it. 


Speaking of dinner, my fish is almost done.  I’m waiting on this guy to get done running.  Yes, it’s cold and there are still piles of snow but that doesn’t stop him 😀

I know I said i’d show the new addition to my family…tomorrow…I promise!  It’s nothing real exciting, except to me.



  1. I have to try that xantham gum! And as for workout time from your previous post, I am a VERY EARLY morn workout person & I refuse to define that! 🙂

  2. Oh you are way too nice!! Julie and her man are quite the barbie and ken! hehe! Don’t you love xananthum gum?? I use it on everything now. More of the good stuff!

  3. EE

    Hey, if you’re excited, so am I!

  4. HAHA he looks like a ninja ready to take on the snow!!

  5. So excited about the new addition!!

  6. Heh, he’s got his cool glasses, too! 😀

  7. I am the only one I know that buys iceberg lettuce and loves it. I need to learn to make salads better at home. I’m very dull. I also buy organic spinach in the plastic containers for smoothies and eggs.

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