I’ll try anything once

Howdy!  I had a GREAT 55 minute cardio this morning.  I took a COMPLETE rest day yesterday.  We had a house showing but it led to nothing as usual.  They all think our house is nice and clean but the living space is too small…blah, blah.  I’ve also had a great shoulder workout and an additional 22 minutes of cardio this morning.  It’s 10:15a.  Are you just waking up?  I’m such a morning person.  I have so much more energy.  That’s why i’ve switched my strength training times.  I used to do it at 2p but now I do it at 9a.  My workouts have been better I believe.


My digestive problems have seemed to calm down a bit.  Somedays are worse than others but not real bad like they were before THE procedure.  I’m actually thinking of acupuncture.  Maggie had a great post on it and HERE is another one.  So I did contact a local place, it’s $90 for the first visit and $60 for each additional YIKES!  Then again, doctor bills and getting a run around aren’t cheap either.


I think I may need to start wearing a bra?

I HATE them!!!

Or maybe not?


Giveaway!  This is my first time on this blog so I have some reading to do today 😉


What fish do you eat the most?  I LOVE a tuna steak or orange roughy but tilapia and cod seem to be more budget friendly.  After all, no need to keep up with the Jonses’ since I am one.



  1. Yeah, too pricey for me. If I could keep doing it I think it would really work though.

  2. hang in there. I am sure the housing market will pick up soon and you wills ell before you know it 🙂

    I love my salmon 🙂

  3. I LOVE orange roughy but rarely eat it. It’s definitely hard on the wallet. I buy mainly tilapia and salmon, depending on the sale prices.

  4. Kathi

    I usually buy tilapia because I can buy it fresh at Costco. But lately I have been enjoying orange roughy.

  5. Gosh, I am sucker for Salmon. Too bad it so expensive, but I’ll eat canned salmon NO PROB. haha!

  6. I left a similar content on Maggie’s blog as well regarding the price of acupuncture. If there is an acupuncture college near you, they will provide treatments at a minimum cost; you could also look for someone who does “community acupuncture” which is like a walk in service and although it’s not as private as a regular session, the treatment is still good. (I’d be more than happy to tell you about it on email if you have some questions.)

    And I love me some salmon 🙂

  7. Well, I don’t eat meat…so…LOL! I do eat Field Roast ‘fake’ sausage though and it’s delicious.

    You know, you may have digestive problems because of protein. My body doesn’t digest it well and I personally think it makes me have issues losing weight. Since I have quit meat, I’ve stayed leaner fairly easily and not had to do much cardio at all. I do walk a ton here in Seattle but it’s not like its hard to walk. I mean, if that’s all I have to do as cardio I’m happy with that. Plus I have been doing 1 mile run when I go to the gym, but really no more cardio than that.

    Maybe you ought to try cutting out meat protein for a while. I eat black beans quite a bit so you should try those too. I eat a lot of cheese and spicy stuff as well haha! You know me :o)

    I ‘say’ that I take complete rest days but I usually get out and walk a lot because we basically walk everywhere we need to go…the grocery store, pet store, art store, starbucks etc etc. So, I get quite a bit of cardio without knowing it but I really only have been getting four or maybe five days per week hard in the gym. Mostly weights and that 1 mile run. Kind of happy that I don’t have to KILL myself in the gym to maintain my weight. I’m slowly going down in lbs but that’s sort of my plan since I only have a little more to go…like 8 lbs?

  8. Grouper! It’s hands down my favorite but of course it’s super $$$$. I usually buy tilapia because it’s cheap.

  9. hehe love the squirrel illustration! I work hard to get away with not wearing a bra! I didn’t wear them until I started working… at 23.

    I went with salmon – it’s my personal fave! But tilapia, grouper, mahi mahi and snapper are right up there!!

  10. I am SUCH a morning person. I love to get up early and get started with my day. I also have to work out in the morning. It just sets the tone for my day.

  11. Tilapia is totally my favorite. And runners, I have always been amazed how they will run no matter WHAT the weather. They should work for USPS. 😉

  12. I love sardines in mustard sauce! Next most eaten is tuna because it’s cheap and like sardines can be eaten straight from the can 🙂

  13. haha I feel so self conscious if I don’t wear a bra, and I don’t even have big boobs!

  14. you are a cardio machiiiine. wow. i wish i was a morning person. haha.. love that squirrel photo. glad the digestive issues are calming down!

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