Can’t you see that I am serious?

Today is ab day for me 😀  I get to use my new slant board WOOT!  I want to answer a few questions to start off.  I get my bee pollen from Vitamin Shoppe.  I’ve read that it’s best to get the fresh refrigerated kind but i’m poor and I just like the taste.  It really helps ward off my sugar cravings.  I can’t really describe the taste.  At first I didn’t like it but now I chug it from the container. 


I do like the gums in my oats.  It makes it gel more which makes it look like more and that is the way to go!


I started my day off with…..almond joy oatmeal!  You thought I was going to say cardio huh?  I like to just chill on ab day so that my running intervals in between sets aren’t dragging.  Well, to some of you it would be a jog but for me it’s a run 😉


Are you too serious?  Yeah so am I.

I told you all when Amy and I get together it’s like we’re in elementary school again.  We used to go to ToysRus in High School and play in the plastic houses.  She has a son so we didn’t make it to that part of the store.  They are lucky.


If you could live anywhere in the United States where would it be?  Mike and I want to move to Enterprise, Alabama.  Random I know but when we visit there we feel at home.  Plus it’s only a couple of hours from the beach 😀

In 2012 the news media are dreads coming to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl.  Why?  IT’S BORING!!!


  1. fitlizzio

    if i could live anywhere it would be alaska. i have aweird fascination with that state. even though i’d probably regret that decision seeing as i HATE being cold lol.

  2. He he…young at heart is always a good thing.

    Hands down..San Diego!

  3. Amy

    Looks like those girls are having fun 🙂 hehe

    Yesterday I did the Cindy Whitmarsh?? Ab Blast…It was awesome, I’m sure you would love it!

    If I could live anywhere it would be…with my boys, and my buds in…Toronto Canada (anywhere) I want the accent and free health care 🙂

  4. I still haven’t tried the gums. do they have any flavor or nutritional benefits?

    Hmm I actually think I’d like to live in Hawaii..assuming I was rich and could fly to see family whenever

  5. peanutbutterfingers

    you’re so cute! love those pics! when i was in high school (yes, high school) my friends & i would do the strangest things like make music videos to britney spears & ‘nsync songs… 🙂

  6. You should move to Austin! you’d like it! Sunshine and lots of outdoor adventures.

  7. Haha LOVE the giant sock monkey!!

  8. Oh haha…I accidently posted my answer to this question on yesterday’s post. Sheesh…I am a dork!

  9. I want to live in Hawaii! Beautiful & man, the scenery for the workouts! 🙂

  10. ooo id LOVE to live in san diego!!
    gona have to try the gum in my oats soon!

  11. California-somewhere just north of the Bay area as I’d be central to family. Yeah I’m a sap.


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