OMG…I just had the scare of my life.  Boomer and I were playing “toy” and she ran into the kitchen to pounce on it like normal.  One of her old lady legs slipped and she went flip flopping all over the place.  She just sat there and looked back at me like um…what just happened.  I ran over to her and tried to stand her up and she just sat back down.  I went to grab my phone to call the vet.  I rubbed her some more and told her she’s okay.  She then got up and shook it off.  She’s tough like her mom 😀  We then went into the living room to pounce the toy.  No sliding in there.


Now i’ve been super nice and spoiling her like crazy.  She had some of Mike’s chicken and got a brush-a brush-a.  Someone has dandruff.


Do you bruise easily?  I swear as I get older anything causes a bruise on me.  Mike poked me last night and I said great…i’ll have a bruise in the morning.  I don’t 😉  I do take potassium tablets and a multi.


I love reading where you all would like to live.  Hawaii would be awesome but like most of you mentioned…the cost of living would be insane!  I mean we’re freaking out over Vodka Kombucha’s that we don’t NEED 😀  I get ticked when I fill(yes I typed feel at first) up my gas tank and see that gas is .02 cents cheaper right down the road.



  1. Hi! Found you through Kelly’s – nice blog! I like the background chosen. Yikes, glad your dog is okay!! And YES – Hawaii would be AMMMMAAAZZZZINGG wouldn’t it?…but yeah expense…I guess that’s why it’s more of a vacation spot..

  2. EE

    Is your dog named Boomer for Indy reasons? Wasn’t that the Pacers’ mascot? Or is it? I’m dumb.

    I love that you said playing “toy.”

  3. Aww poor puppy I’m glad she’s ok!!

    I have the biggest bruise on my leg and have no idea where it came from!

  4. Another thing that make you bruise easily is a lack of iron. Just a thought. I an anemic (thanks mom) and bruise very easily. Although athletes (especially endurance athletes tend to have lower iron levels too)

  5. fitlizzio

    i always find myself getting random bruises. im sure i just bump myself on gym equipment throughout the day, but i think it happens so often that i dont even notice it until i have a huge black and blue mark on my leg, arm, back, face, etc haha

  6. I use to bruise easy. When I met my husband he kissed my eye and it looked like he gave me a black eye. I will never forgive him for that one. 🙂

  7. I second the comment about your Dogs name…why is she named Boomer? I’m pretending its because you are an OU fan and our motto is Boomer Sooner but Sadly, I dont think thats it!

  8. Amy

    AWWW Poor Baby. Hope she’s ok 😦

    HAHA u feel up…

  9. i bruise all the time. people really used to think my college boyfriend kicked me or something

  10. We used to live in hawaii (kona) and Kombucha was 5.99 CRAZY!!! And gas was at least $4!! It was so expensive. We could only afford to live there 2 years. You don’t even want to know my rent, haha!

  11. I live in Hawaii and it’s not that great. It’s hard to get organic foods, and they are super expensive. There are no good restaurants unless you like korean food or rice and noodles. The roads are terrible. Nowhere has air conditioning. It was fun for a while, but now I’m ready to leave!!

  12. OK, those comments about Hawaii bummed me out BUT my wish is based on being rich enough to have a house there & here & go back and forth.. not gonna happen! 🙂

    Glad the doggie is OK!!

    As for bruises, I walk into things in the gym all the time cause I am so focused. Always finding bruises. And don’t let me get started on AGE! 🙂

  13. I have always bruised very easily and it bites. Last time I had my blood drawn I don’t know what the woman did but my whole arm was bruised up like a heroin addict.

    Places I would relocate to in a heartbeat: Park City UT, Seattle or maybe Atlanta.

  14. Poor Boomer. Glad she’s ok though! And I love that name – Boomer!! x)


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