Let them eat cake

I made the best protein cake.  Use THIS recipe but with MGN cake batter.  Then make some icing with MGN chocolate caramel powder.  I used half scoop and mixed with a bit of water.  I’m not kidding you. 

It looked like this:

It tasted like this:



  1. awesome!
    i just tried april’s protein cookie dough and oh yeah, I’m a believer. your cake = perfecT!!!!

  2. Mmm!! Sounds delicious!

  3. EE

    I officially need to read the posts that talk about this. I assume it’s easy enough for a cooking moron like me…

  4. ana

    sounds great!!! you know what i love about you???? how often you blog you rock april and i really enjoy reading many of your post!

  5. DANG that looks soo awesome girl!! thanks for sharing!

  6. Sylvia

    mmmm *slurp* sprinkles!


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