Throwing balls and making names

We had a great birthday celebration yesterday.  Bowling was fun and I did pretty good…for me.  I won the first game, on our lane.  Scores:

  1. 122
  2. 116
  3. 101

There was no alcohol involved, I just kept getting worse.  HA!  Q and A question:  I used a 10 lb ball 😀


After bowling we went to my favorite restaurant.  It’s Mike’s too so i’m not that mean that I MADE him go there.  Okay, I am but the food is great and he doesn’t argue anymore.  10 years of marriage will do that to a guy.(another q/a)

Here are the names Mike put on our lane.  Yes, we are both 34.  He is actually a bit more mature than me…at times.

  1. Mike Strike
  2. Apester
  3. Justin Cider
  4. Rusty Peter

It took me a bit to get #3 😉


Some of you have found my hidden section.  I didn’t announce it because i’m low key like that.  But seriously anonymous questions are the best. 


Are you going to ever have children?  Nope.  Unless they are like this girl.

Remember this show anyone?

Are you really 34?  I love you whoever you are.  Yes, I am.  You can’t see the crows feet in pictures that well.

What does Mike do?  Besides pester me?  He is a scheduling analyst.

What crowd did you hang out with in High School?  I was in the color guard so I would said the band geeks.  Plus people who were bad influences on me.


Okay gotta run to Target!


What’s your favorite store to Grocery shop in?  I love SuperTarget and also Kroger.



  1. Oh I loved SMALL WONDER! they should bring that show back. Wonder what she looks like now, haha!

  2. I loved Small Wonder!! I am beginning to wonder if Tim and I will have that kind of baby, too. Jury is still out.

    I loved this post!!
    Ps. You and I would be about neck and neck with bowling. LOL

  3. EE

    That’s fantastic.

    Um, I would have no idea of your age because you look incredibly young. And you ARE young, anyway.

    I like #3 for the lane name. Haha.

  4. Bahahaha, it took me a beat to get Justin Cider. Thanks for sharing that one 😉

  5. Amy

    OMG! I forgot about that show… Love it… I’m on my way to search for the DVDs right now.

    I’m glad you had fun on your bowling outing, and that you’ve still got mad bowling skills…..I guess I wasn’t that bad of an influence :). Besides I couldn’t just let you “band geek” all day long!! 🙂

    Happy Birthday Mike!

  6. Bowling is so fun!

    Happy bday to your hubby!
    ❤ jess

  7. Margarita

    I have NO clue about the wonder – whatever! LOL

    All I want to know is:
    a) How much water do you put in your protein cake?
    b) Do you “nuke” it in microwave? Not baking it?
    c) Do you use gums for the frosting?

    I wanna have a cupcake goddammit! 😉

  8. Love bowling–am going to midnight bowling this Friday (which I will be taking a nap beforehand so I can hang)

    I used to loooooove small wonder!! I love how it says “the greatest dvd of our time” on it lol

  9. Oh Target, it sucks me in and I lose all track of time…plus, all of ours have Starbizzles. Shaken Black Teas are reason enough for me to visit


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