Cabin Fever be gone

Good Morning!  I wanted to just lay in bed but I got my butt up.  I took a complete rest day yesterday despite walking to the Redbox with Mike and Boomer to rent Saw VI.  I found a free code on .  We just saw the fifth one Friday so now we are all caught up.  Boomer was glad to get out of the house since we haven’t been able to walk because of the snow.

I did #6 on my move it page this morning.  I love this one!  It flies by and it really works the butt.  I was sweating underneath my eyelids.  Now im eating pancakes and almond joy oats mmmm…..For those that are wondering, it’s just oats with cocoa powder and coconut oil.  I also make my pancakes in coconut oil.  It’s SO good!  Especially rolled up like a burrito!


We had 2 house showing this weekend.  That’s good but then we have to be out of the house so that’s not always good.  We HAVE to take Boomer so we can’t just go shopping unless it’s PetSmart 😉  I love going to look at homes when they leave their pets.  I think it distracts me from actually looking at the house.  I just play with the dogs.  We can NOT leave Boomer at home.  She is very protective and timid.  She is very sweet to the people she knows.  I took her to Gma’s last week and she was trying to hug her.  I mean Boomer was trying to hug Gma LOL!  I had to tell her to be careful.  Gma is fragile and Boomer is 60 lbs.


3 more days until Angela and I go to the Arnold WOOHOO!  I have  a handful of people I really want to meet.  If there is one thing that is great about blogging it’s the friends you make.  It’s even better when you really get to meet them!  Kelly O, you space case, we’ll see you soon!


Do you like horror movies?  obviously I do 😀  I think a couple of weeks ago I said that Jeepers Creepers was the dumbest movie every.  I take that back.  It’s actually Cabin Fever.  Now there is a Cabin Fever 2 OH NO!


Remember these guys?



  1. thats so awesome that youa re going to the arnold! you better takes lots of pics!

    i HATE horror movies, I just cannot stand watching them, I will cry or run out of the room haha yeahhh thats right! just hate em…any chickflicks though and i am there!!

  2. At least you didn’t spend money to see Jeepers Creepers at the movie theatre. What a waste! I totally remember those jelly octupus guys. You throw them agains the wall and they jiggle down the wall like they are alive. Ha ha! Wow, what memories those bring back!

  3. EE

    Are you guys moving out of the city or state? Moving is such a pain! We’re not nearly as mature as you guys, so when we move, we’ll just be “up on our lease” with the house we rent. Ha.

  4. i remember those octopus things 🙂 LOL!!!

    3 more days 🙂

  5. I love scary movies but the hubs hates them and I am too scared to watch them alone!

  6. What a beautiful picture of the house with all the snow. I commend you for leaving the house when it’s so cold outside!

    I used to LOVE scary movies but have become a total wimp in my old age and tend to have nightmares if I watch them now.

  7. I am a proud space case. I wear it well. hehehe
    I used to watch horror movies in my tween years. Halloween was the scariest ever. But the gory gross Saw like movies, I can’t do it. I’d be up all night. I like SCARY not gory. bleheehehhehehhh


  8. I use to like horror but found last 10 years or so I don’t care for them. Still remember the first one I saw when I was about 10-11… Children shouldn’t Play with Dead Things…pretty sure that was it anyways.

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