Marching into a new month

February beginning weight – 120


February ending weight – 119.2


February highest weight – 124


4 weeks until my cruise!  I would LOVE to weigh 115-117 before going on it.  This is going to be one tough month.  Especially since this Friday i’ll be eating lots of samples 🙂


February Workouts Summary



  1. I plan on living on protein samples for 3 days. LOL

    115-117 would be a good goal weight for me, too, in 4 weeks. BUDDY SYSTEM! 😀

  2. We are about the same size! Getting down to 115 is fun to see on my frame but (sadly) it isn’t a long term # for me.

  3. I really hope you have an awesome cruise…OMG that sounds sooo fun!!! 🙂 I didnt know you were going anywhere, how exciting!

  4. YAY for your cruise! I can’t believe it is almost here! WOW!

  5. Whoohoo ending in the teens! Im the same way–115 looks rockin on me, but its SO hard to keep it there!

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