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I have a new addiction going on in my life.  It’s an addiction to roasted hemp seeds.  OMG, I can’t get enough of them.

Go HERE to read all about them.

If you don’t do dressing on your salads I recommend hemp oil.  I had not tried this before and now I am addicted!  You only needs a little bit and it really gives your salad a kick.

Thank you Foods Alive for sending me these products to try out.


This comes from Indiana as well…BONUS!


I updated the stats on the PB balls for you all.


The salsa I won in Kristin’s giveaway is AMAZING!  I figured that it would be loaded with sodium and end up being Mike’s.  Ummmm…that is not the case at all.  This stuff has 10mg of sodium per serving.  One of the biggest reasons I don’t do salsa is the sodium content.  It makes me puff up like a puffer fish.  So now I can have it!  Bring out the blue chips 😉


BIG bowl of oats this morning.  I LOVE these Cali Bowls.  They are in my store but unfortunately are sold out at the moment.  When they are back in trust me…you want them.  Thanks to Missy for letting me try these out!  These are called the Santa Cruz stack.  They are fun to eat out of and you won’t have any drips and spills.  If you are messy like me you need these in your life.

Now I need to go and kill my legs.  I’ll be back!


Have you tried hemp seeds?



  1. EE

    I have not tried hemp seeds. But I’m glad you recommend them! Have fun killing your legs with a smile.

  2. Omg Foods Alive is an awesome site!! I want the Mike’s Special Flax Oil dressing STAT! yum.

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