Great article and goo

Woo!  My legs feel good now.  My workout today was more jumping over things than squatting heavy stuff.  It was fun!


Today is my CARB day!  I get to eat yummies!  Tonight i’ll be making the best sweet potatoes ever.  Right now i’m eating some Muscle Goo.  It’s just protein powder and water.  It is suppose to have PB and honey in it as well and I bet that would make it the bomb!


Here is an inspirational article .  I love reading these.  Also if you’re new to the figure or bodybuilding world it gives you a litte insight. 


Only 2 more days until the Arnold!!!!  This will put a damper on getting to 115 but you only live once right? 


Speaking of 115.  I do believe this is a maintainable weight for me…when I get there.  My problem is when I get there I keep going and going and then I am at 110 which is cool but I do the show dryout, pigout and then my body does NOT like that.  So now i’m going to get there the healthier way.  I’m LOVING the meal plan i’m on right now.  My workouts are awesome and once I do reach 115 i’m planning on staying there for a bit.  No need to go any lower.  Wish me luck 😀


Time to go walk with my friend!  It’s sunny out and the roads are finally clear!


Random: What kind of deodorant do you wear?  I just bought Teen Spirit and it smells great!



  1. Amy

    GOod luck on the goal weight, and thanks for the walk. I use Dove visible smooth. It keeps me stubble free! Haven’t had to shave for a week and a half 🙂

  2. EE

    I use man-deodorant. I think it’s Gillette. Clearly I use what my husband uses. I like man shower gel, too.

  3. Jessica

    Right now my day-to-day is Secret and Lady Speed Stick is my “travel” one. “Travel” meaning in my gym bag/suitcase for when I visit the boy.

  4. Teen spirit rocks! I love that stuff. Smells great, haha! Good luck this weekend. Have fun!

  5. Lindsay

    So I bought the protein powder you keep mentioning. The 2lb was sold out of cake batter, so I got the 5. I hope I like it! But since I love making the protein cake I’m sure I will love it.

    Oh, and I have yet to master your crispy cookies, I’m stickin’ with the cake!

    • You will like it I promise 🙂 Keep at the cookie…I just had a girl text me the other day that she finally got it to work and she loves me LOL!

  6. I have used it as a lip balm, and recently on my dry skin/legs! it does work. HOWEVER, I doubt I could EVER convince Tim it’s good in the bedroom. LOL

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