All packed up, don’t know what to do…

doopy doopy doopy doopy doopy doopy do.  Yeah, I have know idea what the words to that song are.  I am over packed and ready to see Angela and go to the Arnold!  I always pack to much.  I’m really bad.  I do have one for sure thing I am wearing.

Thanks to Whooha Gear for sending me this fabulous shirt to sport at the Arnold.  I will wear it proudly.  I chose this one because there is a dog on it.  Although it looks nothing like Boomer it’s the principle.

I’m also bringing my big girl jeans, my come on April wear some jeans that actually fit like normal humans wear, and my I really hope these fit jeans.  You girls know what I’m talking about.  We’ll see which ones I decide on Friday.  I’ll be taking lots of pictures!


Are you an over packer or do you take what you know you’ll need?  I am extremely bad at over packing.  I mean bad.  I’m even bringing curlers because you never know?  Seriously, when is the last time I FIXED my hair?  We shall see…..



  1. I am an only what I need packer…which usually leaves me with less than I need!

  2. Margarita

    Yep, an overpacker here… even if I do a sleep-over for 1 night at friends’ house, I bring like I’d be gone a week!!! (oh gawd, I sound like a teenager – a sleepover, really? At 32? haha) And then if I go somewhere out of state, I end up buying another suitcase because I end up getting more clothes cuz the ones I brought, I no longer like or want to wear… I swear – WOMEN!!! LOL

  3. I am a streamlined packer. I like to leave lots of room in my suitcase for souvenirs LOL!

  4. I used to be an over packer and now I barely take anything so I can shop more!

    I have a bad habit of having to ship stuff home or buy an extra piece of luggage. I like to support the local economy of the places I visit, what can I say.

    And thanks for getting that song in my head!!

  5. Man, I really want to go to the Arnold this weekend. Have fun!

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