I busted out my ab workout early this morning and now i’m eating breakfast.  Oh and I typically make 1/2 cup of oats too.  It’s just this meal plan rotation is different.  I have a day where i’m eating 3/4 😮  Talk about a full tummy.  I had to cut that day back because I was getting too full.  Now that i’m reading all these food scale and measuring cup comparisons I may actually be eating a full cup!!


What’s better than peanut butter and chocolate?

You’re right…NOTHING!  BUT…chocolate and coconut are a close second.

Margarita, that’s a Mounds bar you boob.


Okay, now i’m loading up and off to the Airport to pick up Angela!

Check out Pauline’s blog today if you want to see hardcore GEESH!    She’s a BAD AZZ!!!


I will be answering your questions soon I promise!!!  Keep them coming!!



  1. Margarita

    Haha! “Boob”! I caught-on on that it’s a bar ages later… still, I never had a Mounds bar. I know what Almond Joy is though 😉 It iS my second favorite after PB cut. 😀

  2. It’s official. I am jealous of your girl time and I wish i was with you & Ang. 😦
    Have fun at the Arnold~ and give my tiwnny a hug if you see her!

  3. Oh boy, coconut oil and butter rock my world these days. Can’t wait to try their flavor combos. YUM!

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