Expo pics and rambling

I’m back from the inlaws 😀  I really love all of them.  I ate my salad while watching them eat pasta and cake and didn’t miss it at all.  The best part was some of the icing was blue so their mouths and teeth were blue LOL!  Not a good thing when you have kids, it was everywhere.  When I got home Mike and I napped and then I got up to do my workout.  I did bis and tris and managed 11 mins of cardio.  I just wasn’t into it.  I think my legs are still swollen from standing all day Friday.


Here are some pictures.  I met some really awesome and amazing people.

Mary second from left, so sweet and her daughter looks JUST like her!

Hottie Greg Plitt


Jenny Lynn


Jen Hendershott


Random old guy with crazy clothes and freaky hair


Every man's dream


Brooke Griffin = sweetheart



Evidence of hitting the Labrada Bar buffet 😀


I could use this tanner on stage if I ever compete in figure again 😉

Best Buds!


I juiced before we went


Now did you really think I was just going to take a picture?  OMG…I told Angela she must go hug him.  He felt good.  I wish I was 10 lbs thinner.  Everyone likes a goofy redhead who tries to look 12 right?


Now for the really amazing people I got to meet.  Hillary, Kelly O and Tara Green.  I’ve been friends with these girls for awhile but we just met up this weekend.  I think we could all sit and talk for days.  I also met up with Stef and Tracy again.  I feel like we’re old friends now 😀


Kelly O…we’re like BFF’s!!  😉



  1. We are BFFs FOREVER AND EVER!! And you KNOW I am coming to Indianapolis girl!!! YOU KNOW IT!
    You are super duper precious sweet thang!!

  2. Haha your comments always make me laugh! you do not look 12! you and that guy are hotties!!

  3. Looks like you had a blast…so jealous! I talk about going every year but it never works out. Some day!

    Btw, the random old guy runs the shows in my area. His name is Norm. He cracked me up the first time I saw him too!

  4. Great pics! Glad you had so much fun and that you wrote entertaining captions. hehe Awesome blogger meet up, too!

    I don’t know how you do it (pass up on pasta and cake!). 🙂

  5. hahaha loved the pics and captions!

  6. Oh that man…he is definitely a hottie!

  7. your fitness path and mine are diff..but…I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have gone to this with you..b/c in my next life i am gonna be a buff hot gym girl rather than a yogi 🙂 OMG these pics are amazing!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!

  8. This looks like too much fun! And labrada sample bars? Lucky you!

  9. EE

    Is that Greg from Bravo’s Workout??

    • Yes it is!!

  10. I’ve always wanted to check out a Fitness Expo, looks like it was fun.

  11. love the pics 🙂 And that old guy is the best! I didn’t even see you take that pic 🙂 We did a little better with the picture taking this time…but only that one of us! And we forgot to take a pic of our beautiful hotel room!!!

  12. LOVE all the photos! and especially the houndstooth tops. looks like you had such fun!! LOVE jamie eason, saw her in your other post.

  13. Jeff

    I have one of those at home, We go nude all the time, Why don’t u do that for a while.

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