Teaser post

Hey peeps!  I’m back and rested up ugh…I didn’t sleep well Thursday and Friday nights??  The expo was awesome but PACKED!  I missed your blogs and now I need to catch up on your lives 😀


First I need to go and pack my lunch.(chicken and salad with hemp oil)  We’re going to the in laws for a pasta party.  We’re celebrating Mike’s and his mom’s birthdays.  Then it’s home to do my workout and I promise i’ll post about the expo!


Thanks to everyone who bought the coconut oil from my store.  I did get a sample jar from Natural Zing and tried it out and it compares to Artisana!  Sweet and yummy with the hefty price tag so you’re in for a treat!





  1. EE

    Hahaha, a walking, talking meal replacement? Love it!

  2. Angela

    sorry for the snoring 🙂 LOL! But i didn’t sleep well either 😦

    Damn…now i missed the coconut oil!!!!

  3. Great picture!

  4. ana

    great pics april thanks for sharing!!

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