Finally sunny which makes me smile

Hi everyone!  I’m in a great mood this morning.  My protein bar sample bloat is diminishing and I got in a great 50 mins cardio session(#2).  What could be better than that?  A 30 min walk with my favorite girl Boomer.  We were finally able to walk without stepping through mounds of snow.


I will be working shoulders later this afternoon and probably doing more cardio.  I have 4 weeks until my cruise!!  People ask me how to stay motivated.  I’m not sure there is a way.  I am always motivated but I do have my down days.  Like yesterday, I only did 11 mins of cardio.  That’s all I felt like doing.  I always want to be super slim and trim like I am for a show during a cruise but it never happens.  I work hard BUT i’ll be around people who are about 200 lbs more than me and at the buffet 24 hrs a day.  So where is the motivation for that really?  When i’m working for a show I know i’ll be in a 2 piece standing next to hot girls so there’s a little more reason to be SUPER strict. 😀

Jamie Eason(in the blue)


I’m going to do a giveaway!  I was sent more samples of MGN protein powder?  I’m not complaining but thought I would share the wealth.  Stay tuned for that one.  There powder is so good.


What motiates you?



  1. Before Martha sees this I realize I used There instead of Their 😉

  2. GAH Jamie Eason is so freakin gorgeous. How does she keep THAT figure year round???

    I totally feel ya on getting “ready” for a vacation. I always stress about losing a few pounds but then when I’m on vacation I realize that I am already way better off than about 90% of the population…that came off cocky. I didn’t mean it that way lol.

  3. My husband motivates me. He trains hard to provide for us and he encourages me everyday. I SO SO SO WANT that MGN powder. I emailed them but never heard back. Can’t wait for the giveaway!!

  4. Betsy

    The protein cake is one I have been wanting to try.

  5. Lindsay

    Excited for the giveaway! Thanks to you, I bought a 5lb tub of cake batter flavor and it’s TO DIE FOR. I’d love to try other flavors.

  6. Jamie Eason is so freaking tiny it SCARES ME.
    What motivates me? My jeans. My bikini.

  7. LOVE the expo pics!! Were you allowed to take the samples out? Did you have to bring in an extra bag to stuff full of protein bars? 😛

    I would say a show is definitely some may-jah motivation!! But I think even doing just 11 minutes of cardio when you don’t feel like it is commendable. I honestly really enjoy working out, and have a tough time forcing myself out of the gym most days. The hardest part is getting out the door, which isn’t that hard when I’m up at 5am to do it everyday!

    • Yes I have TONS of samples. Mostly pre workout powders. The protein bar samples are gone 😉 Each booth has their own bags and they are HUGE bags. It is so fun!

      I love to workout so I know when i’m NOT feeling it, I need a break.

  8. Such a great giveaway! I can’t get that protein powder here and am so excited to try it!
    Excited for the giveaway!

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