Movies and snot

Last night I got my snacks packed up and headed to see Alice In Wonderland.  It was a great movie!  NOT $25 great.  Seriously?  They charge extra for 3D.  I didn’t recycle my glasses that is for sure.  I paid for those puppies.  Mom was so excited because it was senior day so although she still had to pay for the 3D it was still cheaper.  She had to show her ID to prove she’s over 55…awesome.  To make a long story short, great movie, don’t do 3D, not worth it.

Snacks: 2 crunchy cookies and 100 cal pk of almonds.

It’s been 3 years since i’ve been sick and guess what?

I am.  3/9 is just not a great day for me.  Lose my job, get sick, goodness at this rate i’ll give birth on this day next year.  So anyhoo, I didn’t workout this morning.  I even got a text from Mike telling me to just chill today.  So far that’s what i’ve done.  I did go to Walmart to get Mucinex.  For lunch I had protein ice cream 🙂  I got to much Xantham gum in it and it was more blobby than icy.

How do you think that cut on my lip happened?

  1. I poked it with my fork while eating
  2. I cut it shaving
  3. I took a bite of  the sample Cascadian Farms granola bar I received from the Arnold

If you picked 3 you would be correct.  Their description of this bar…chewy my azz!  I was mad at it so I through it in the trash.  Not before I picked a little chocolate chunk out of it 😉


I really HATE rest.


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KASHI(if you already haven’t gotten it)


Check out what my friend Amy found!!!!

She offered to bring me one since i’m sick.  She said it’s full of antioxidants 😀


What are your sick day comfort foods?  I like 7-up and Wheat Thins.  I did buy some diet ginger ale 🙂



  1. $25 for a movie!!! That’s ludicrous. I won’t even spend ten bucks on a movie. Or five bucks on rental. I download! 😛

    Fave sick food is runny eggs on toast. Feel better!

  2. Get better!! I was sick last weekend and all I did was lay down. But the scale went down after that weekend! What in the world? LOL

  3. Feel better 😦

    Hot tea and cinnamon toast is my sick thing…that is all i ever want when i dont feel good 🙂

    the lip thing was funny though…well the part when you said you got mad at it 😉

  4. UGH on feeling sick! I rarely get sick either & can’t remember the last time.. knock on wood! Feel better soon!

    I don’t see anything but the matinee movies & they are still expensive! I bring my own snack too! I so want to see Alice & I still have my glasses from Avatar!

    OK, rest up!

  5. Ugh, getting sick just sucks, hope you feel better soon.

    And PUDDING PIES??? OMG, happy!!! Sorry I really get excited about seeing those.

    I kept my 3D glasses as well from Alice since I paid for them, hell no Im not recycling those puppies.

    My sick comfort food is ice cream and McDonalds Orange Hi-C

  6. I was just was talking about those pudding pies. I can’t believe they still exist.

    Hope you feel better 🙂

  7. I did not feel well on Sunday and chicken and green beans did NOT sound good. I wanted toast or cereal but OF COURSE I did not eat it since I am in prep mode. I just didn’t eat anything. I know that wasn’t good but nothing that I could have tasted good at all so I just boycotted.

  8. Ugh sorry your sick!! I love grilled cheese and tomato soup when I am sick. 🙂

  9. Julia

    Sorry you’re sick 😦 Ooo, ooo, I DO like collard greens. I’ve only ever had them one way…from a can. They were introduced into my diet only a few months ago as a matter of fact: what happened was I accidentally grabbed a can of Old glory’s low sodium (fortuitous that I snatched the wrong can in the first place, but double score that it also just so happened to be the lo-so kind) pre-seasoned collard greens in place of some other canned vegetable I was reaching for and I pulled it out of my sac when I got home and was like WTF, but decided to try them. DELICOUS. SO DELICIOUS. I’m too afraid/lazy to prepare them myself and try to recreate the seasoning, but I love them and whole-heartedly endorse that you give them a whirl. I dump the whole can (approx 60 vitamin A choked cals) into a bowl with a ton of ground turkey and voila easy one dish meal.

  10. I’m sick too! Boo! So far it’s been cookies – TONS of cookies! LOL I’m going to blame the prednizone – that stuff makes me eat like crazy. Must. Stop! 🙂

    Hope you feel better soon – and i’m so sorry this day has such a bad history for you!

  11. Sorry you are sick, feel better!

    25 dollars for a movie? CRAZY.
    ❤ jess

  12. whoa, you’re really tough and honest with your reviews! But to make you bleed…a big no-no!

    Okay, $25 for a movie? Seriously, I have trouble handing in $5!

  13. Thanks for the movie review. My niece was begging me to go to see it this weekend and I resisted…I’m glad I did.

    Sorry about your lip…DAAANNNG!!! Who knew eating a granola bar could be dangerous!

  14. I hate being sick. My sick comfort food is rice. Like Rice-a-Roni broccoli and cheese rice. Dorky like me. 😉

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