ESP, IBS and still sick

Do you believe that some people can see the future?  I can see alot of bloggers trying out the Almondina cookies soon 😉  Okay, I caved.  Mike opened the chocolate cherry and I had to try one.  One little one wouldn’t hurt me.  It was delicious!  Mmmm…i’m not a huge cherry fan but the flavor wasn’t over powering it was just right.  Plus they are crunchy!  YUM!  I like crunchy!


I made asparagus a way I have never made it last night and now i’m going to be addicted.  I threw my collard greens, olive oil and cut up fresh asparagus in my frying pan and heated away.  I usually roast them but this method was much faster and tasted great.  My collard greens got a little crunchy mmm….why do people go out and eat?  I don’t understand.


I got in 65 minutes of cardio this morning after Mike and I got back from Target.  He bought 2 workout tanks for me to wear on our cruise.  He is so sweet.  I can’t wait to be on the treadmill and looking over the water.  I may do weight training on the ship but since i’m not preparing for a show I may just take the week off from weights.  I always go over board on desserts, so i’m not even gonna lie and say I won’t pig out on them this year.

I did go to the GI doctor Thursday.  He said my colonoscopy came back fine and there are no signs of Crohn’s or Diverculitis.  He said that I just have IBS.  He told me to try Align so I bought some this morning.  I’ll let you know how that goes.  He asked about the Dicyclomine and I told him it made me gain weight and cry.  He also said if the Align doesn’t work we may look into anti-depressants.  I need to get more bloodwork done mid April.  So that is where that stands.  I was talking to my dad the other night and 2 of my uncles have it. 


I really wish this sickness would go away!  I only have 3 weeks left to kick butt.  This last week was a wash.


Do you use a Probiotic?  I’ve taken them before but not consistently.  I go awhile without flare ups but then they always reture.



  1. I have terrible IBS and I take zoloft for it. Works GREAT!! Also since I stopped eating dairy and grains, the rest of the minor symptoms I had vanished. I think the combo of the three, zoloft, no grains, and no dairy make for a very happy GI tract! Good luck!

  2. My doctor prescribed me align and it didn’t work for me! I used Amitiza and that helped out a lot.. but made me feel nauseas. I just can’t win!!

  3. I take the probiotic acidolopolis (I know I spelled that wrong) and it works for me!

  4. I had similar GI issues. It was linked to a gluten intolerance, an infection, and IBS. Not good. I actually couldn’t hold any food. I know drink a lot of kombucha, stay away from gluten, and only eat full fat natural versions of dairy (if any). A little goes a long way and it HELPED!

  5. April~

    Just remember, above all be good to yourself. If you don’t kick butt in the next 3 weeks its OK….you long term health is far more precious. We already know for a FACT that you are a regular badass! I’m just saying because I do know how determined and stubborn you are!!

    Oy..those Redheads:)

    love ya girl!


  6. A really good high end digestive enzyme and good probiotics work magic! If you can, try Future Forulations enzymes! Changed me life! They aren’t just for food digestion. Probiotics are miracle workers as well- but only if they are a good quality! I hope you feel better soon!! I know how uncomfortable and painful IBS is!

  7. I never knew anti-depressants can work for IBS! I have tummy problems, but since I’ll often throw up, the doctor ruled out IBS. I’ve never taken probiotics before but I should. I’ve been able to figure out what foods cause me pain on my own (the slew of tests I took were useless), so I just avoid those foods!

    Rest up my dear! It’s much better to take a few days off exercise to get better than to drag it on for weeks unnecessarily. (easier to say than do though, I know!)

  8. Did the doc check for celiac disease. Many people have it & don’t know along with gluten intolerance. I will be curious to see how the Align helps. I would do everything you can first before taking anti-depressants.

    Hope you are better for the cruise!

  9. just found your blog and I love it.
    did you ever figure out your GI problems? I have similar problems that developed starting in September. Dr’s havent been much help at all. It’s miserable.

    • I had to eliminate certain foods. I can’t have black beans, cauliflower, cabbage, or dairy. They diagnosed me with the generic IBS. Instead of going back I just started cutting certain things out and it seems to be working. For a bit I quit broccoli but have added it back in. As long as it’s the frozen kind or “fried” in a skillet i’m okay? I hope you figure yours out too! I know how painful and annoying it can be.

  10. Your blog is wonderful–found it by Googling “kombucha starbucks” for reasons I have yet to discern (was hoping to snag a bottle this morning to help with my stomach, and wondered if the Starbucks in my building might have some).

    … which leads me to my comment: I second Lindsay’s recommendation to try a gluten-free diet and add some kombucha into your life. Be prepared for kombucha’s distinct flavor, though. I can only drink the fruity varieties. My boyfriend says the grape one, my fav, smells “like a foot”.

    If you’re interested at all in how your gut works and absorbs nutrients, I cannot recommend Robb Wolf’s “The Paleo Solution” enough. He walks you through his journey from vegetarian to paleo-eater … and explains why gluten can cause problems, including IBS.

    Hope that’s not TMI! Your photos are fantastic–you look amazing and your posts are really motivating. Thank you!

    • I love Kombucha! I’m a vinegar lover so it’s easy for me 🙂

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