House Hunting

We’re on the mad hunt for a house now.  If all the inspections go through etc…we have to be out by April 26th!  We’ve been trying to sell for 5 years.  We’re excited and anxious all at once.  We had this house built 10 years ago and really want something different.

I love the show House Hunters 😀 

Pros to moving:

  • Trader Joe’s
  • Whole Foods
  • More job opportunities
  • Trails for walking and lots of trees

Cons to moving:

  • Family is farther away
  • Walking buddy isn’t right down the road
  • Changing addresses is a pain
  • Moving isn’t always fun packing etc…


Up this morning for 58 minutes of cardio.  I finally got in a good session.  I’m still a bit sick but feel much better.  The Align doesn’t seem to be bothering me as much today.  I’ll let you all know how it’s doing after a week or so.


We went out with some friends last night.  Yes, I actually went out.  They were down here and I almost freaked copped out.  I’m tired of making lame ass excuses.  We went to Uno’s Chicago Grill.  I watched them eat a deep dish pizza while I ate my BIG side salad, no croutons with grilled chicken 😀  Afterwards I was full and content.  I only ate 4 meals because of the time change.  Normally I get in 6.  Oh well, today is my HIGH carb day!  I just got back from Nature’s Pharm and Kroger.

Nature’s Pharm:

  • Kombucha YES!
  • Glad Corn(Mike)
  • 1 oz nuts
  • buffalo meat
  • 2 small pkts Justin’s maple almond butter


  • Almond milk
  • Silk creamer
  • 40 oz tilapia
  • grapes
  • grapefruit
  • carrots
  • cole slaw mix
  • turkey lunch meat
  • Michael’s gourmet dog food(Boomer’s pee pee pills)
  • stamps
  • gum for our road trip in 3 weeks to Ft. Lauderdale


I spent $50 which wasn’t too bad.

How many times have you moved?  I’ve lived in 3 different places.  2 apartments and this house.  All within 20 miles.  Mike is scouting jobs in Lake Mary, Florida and wants to move there.  Oh goodness, I don’t know if I could do it.



  1. Once you get past the inspections, then you can breathe a little easier.

    I have moved so many times in my life. Probably at least 12 times and through 3 different states. Moving just stinks LOL!

    I wish TJs were out here – I miss shopping there.

  2. I hope everything goes well – I know it can be SO overwhelming! 😦 Some great pros there – woo – TJ’s! 🙂 Glad you went out and had your big healthy salad!!

    I’ve moved 6 times since I left for college!

  3. I have moved too many times!! Only 2x when I was young, but then 5 times in college and 4 times since. I am only 23!!

  4. I love that your first two pros are whole foods and trader joes! that’s awesome :).

    Ive moved a lot, but its all int he same area!

  5. I hate moving too but at least its just in time for spring cleaning and you can purge a lot fo stuff while you move. Trader Joe’s and Whole foods!? Thats a plus for sure. 🙂

  6. TJs!!!!!!!!!!

    moving. sigh. i will be doing that in a few months.

  7. I’ve basically lived in the same area my whole life…although I recently moved from the suburbs of Orlando to downtown 🙂

    Sorry I’m no help.

    UGH I loveeeeeee Uno’s deep dish. One slice has like 800 calories though…

  8. fitlizzio

    i’ve moved twice in the last year and every time i move, i vow that the next time i move i’m going to leave all my stuff and buy new because i don’t want to move it 🙂 too bad i don’t have that kind of money but I HATE MOVING haha.

    it is always fun to set up your stuff in a new place though! Florida would be cool!

  9. i just commented on genies post about how hungry pregnany women do NOT need to read up on blogs that make any note of food-and then you have a list of foods-LOL!!!
    anyways,i do hope your house hunting/selling goes well
    it sucks to move,especially out of state! i have lived in TN,NC,IN and now VA…..
    the last 2x have been hard on the kids 😦
    again.i do hope all goes well!!
    keep up with the killer cardio sessions chica!

  10. Are you kidding me??? Lake Mary, Florida!!! Ummmmm….that’s like 20 minutes from my front door! Wow…how cool!

    If you need a place to stay while you come looking….you’ve got one! 🙂 Can even bring your doggie too!!!!

    • 🙂 That would be fun LOL!

  11. We moved 10 times in the first 10 years we were married. We’ve moved about 13 times total, I guess. With all those moves, guess what? I used to live and work in Lake Mary! ha ha! My BFF still lives there. It’s a nice suburb of Orlando. It’s changed a lot since I lived there in the ’90s. Lots going on there. Gotta get used to the intense heat and humidity though.

  12. Moving is always a big thing. I hate it due to having to pack & unpack & I have moved way more than I care to talk about ! 🙂 Good luck!

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  13. peanutbutterfingers

    I’ve moved several times! I was born in Pennsylvania, moved to Jacksonville, FL, then to palatine, IL, then to St. Pete, FL, and now I’m in Orlando! Phew!

  14. I love watching House Hunters, too.

    Moving can be so exciting but so stressful, too. My husband and I have made 2 major moves together–to D.C. from Michigan after college and to L.A. from D.C. for grad school.

    And it’s a great excuse to get rid of the clutter that’s inevitably accumulates in the house over time.

    Hope your tummy is feeling better!

    • That’s a great way to look at it. I need to spring clean!

  15. Congrats on selling your house! Woot! Are you going to stay in the same area or are yall moving to a new city?

  16. EE

    Well, I obviously want to know where this house is. 😉

    • Oh yes! I’ll let you know. We’re looking around the Shadeland, Springmill Rd area right now. Mike works at 96th and Meridian.

  17. Till I moved out on my own our family moved on average every 1.5 years and we were not a military family. I moved twice once on my own and am now in my own house 14 years now.
    I’m tired of moving 🙂

  18. TJ’s and WF’s? You lucky, lucky girl. 😀

    ❤ jess

  19. My last move was 4 years ago from Illinois to Ohio. My family is now 5 hours away. But, there was no Whole Foods for 2 hours in my home town. There is a lot more oppurtunity for my daughter here as well. Almost anything I need is within a 20 minute drive…I love it!

  20. Sherry

    My daughter had some tummy issues. Have they tested you for celiacs? She has to take probiotics.

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