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I better have 10,000 views today 😉  I KNOW you all love peanut butter.  Remember when Nanette sent me some of their Krema and Crazy Richard’s peanut butters to try?  Well she sent me more for helping her out with a few things.  No you’re not getting it, it’s mine 😉  However 2 lucky people will get 2 jars of their own.


I’m also going to get a picture with them for their blog.  I promise Nanette i’ll make it over there soon!  I was right there for the Arnold but didn’t know they were so close.  Angela and I even bought a jar of Krema for our room 😀

 Check them out on the Today Show!


To win all you have to do is let me know what recipe you would make from their website.  I will pick the winners this Friday at noon!

Good Luck!



  1. I’d try the Krema Hot & Spicy Bean Chili as I love Chili.

  2. Rose

    I’m on a smoothie kick to lose weight. I’m replacing breakfast & lunch with smoothies. I would love to try the Nut Butter Smoothie.

  3. Monica

    I’d use the nut butter to make the Nut Butter Smoothie!

  4. The dog treats sound interesting! Although, I don’t know if I want to share my pb with my puppies 😀

  5. I would of course make some doggie treats for my best girl Daisy! That dog is spoiled rotten 🙂

  6. I LOVE peanut butter so you got me!!! I would make the cocoa peanutbutter kisses

  7. Well – I would for sure be putting it on my oatmeal!

    The cocoa peanut butter kisses sound pretty awesome, though!

  8. Definitely the Frozen peanut butter pie!!!! And then I just might work my way through the rest of the list!

  9. I’d want to make the dog treats! My dog is amazing, he deserves a good treat!

    But, the nut butter smoothie and any kind of cookie is right up my alley!

  10. I would have to make some of the dog treats for my sweet Ollie Bob as I don’t eat peanuts and then the rest I’d have to use to make my handsome husband some Peanut Butter pie cause it’s his fav!!
    Sounds very good to me right now too… Wondering now how an Almond Butter Pie would taste…..hhmmmm I better get on that =)

  11. Jessica

    Peanut butter popcorn mix! That sounds like an awesome Friday night in with the bf watching bad horror movies but with great snacks!

  12. The chili looks delish! I’d go with that because I’d probably eat all of the sweets in one sitting!

  13. DOG TREATS! haha.. you saw that coming.

    thanks for the giveaway, april!

  14. Betsy

    The nut butter smoothie sounds great!

  15. I saw that segment & have it saved to share with my readers at a later date! Love PB but I am a person that likes EASY cooking so I am going for the Kream Peanut Coconut No-Bake Jewels.. although I might try a couple of the others too! 🙂

  16. Cindy

    I’d have to go with the chili for dinner and the kisses for dessert!

  17. Lindsay

    Well I honestly would rather have the Krema Peanut Butter Chipper cookies, but most likely would make the nut butter smoothie. 🙂

  18. ooooh For sure the curried potatoes and cashew cauliflower!!

  19. I think it’s a toss up between the Frozen Peanut Butter Pie and the Cocoa peanut butter kisses!

  20. Becky

    For sure the curried potatoes with cashew cauliflower! I definitely have a “thing” for curry 🙂

  21. kayla

    the hot and spicy bean chili sounds interesting! i’ve never used nut butters in my chili before!

  22. protein cookie dough w/ pb is pure decadence to me these days 🙂

  23. Ibu

    Nut butter smootie! Seriously how good can it get?

  24. Hot and Spicy Bean Chili! YUM. I love making chili and have never thought to incorporate a nut butter. Awesome idea.

  25. Teresa

    Frozen peanut butter pie fer shur.
    Plus probably all the rest of them 😉

  26. Frozen Peanut Butter Pie!!! That would rock my world…

  27. Lisa

    PB Popcorn! How awesome does that sound? Even to use in a smoothie sounds great – mine usually lack pb!

  28. mmm peanut butter chocolate chip cookies! I love cookies!

  29. Margarita

    Oh, I SO want to win this!!! 😉 If I do though, you HAVE to mail it to me after May 22! hehe Just kidding! I’ll ask my roomie to hide the jars until I am ready.

    Anyway – No-Bake Peanut Butter Coconut Jewels really appeal to me. Simple, love all the 3 ingredients in them and best part – no baking… no hassle! I would do it some day regardless!!! 😀

  30. Wow, Curried Potatoes with Cashew Cauliflower looks really good! I’m always looking out for creative veggie recipes

  31. Ashley S

    Definitely the PB chocolate cookies!

  32. Kelly

    Yummm peanut butter!! I would make the Kream Peanut Coconut No-Bake Jewels – short recipe, no baking, sold!

  33. Sharon

    Oh my gosh, too cool! Krema Peanut Butter Popcorn & Nut Mix sounds soooooo good. I was actually craving some ooeeey goeey popcorn too!

  34. Kream Peanut Coconut No-Bake Jewels!

  35. Liz

    Yum–they all look so good! I’d make Curried Potatoes with Cashew Cauliflower.

  36. Kimberly Jahnke

    Peanut butter popcorn mix sounds awesome – two of my favorite things 🙂

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

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