On the go dinner?

Last night we went looking at houses with our realtor.  We saw some really nice ones but they were too far north for my likings.  I needed a quick and easy dinner to go.  Insert the protein pancakes.   They were yummy!  I enjoyed them with some iced coffee.  Then I totally had to pee in someones house.

One of the houses we looked at had a HUGE basement.  Mike and I could seriously sprint and do some major walking lunges.


Really Jesse James?  Really?

We have our house inspection today.  Pray they don’t find anything wrong!


Speaking of praying….I own a Toyota.  It’s on the recall list.  I need to take it in to get fixed.  I’m a strong believer in everything happens for a reason.  If God wants me to die in my car then so be it.  How about you?



  1. April~

    I took my Toyota in and it was fixed in like 2 hours…no worries girl.

    Re: Jesse James…really hoping its a falsehood. I mean WTF? Grrrrrrrrrrr


    • Yes, that’s what my sister did with hers as well.

      They confirmed it on The View Barb, so it’s official LOL!

  2. I’ve been seeing so many protein pancake recipes that I’ve been wanting breakfast for dinner now! I typically don’t even eat or like pancakes LOL. I need a basement like that!!!

  3. fitlizzio

    i am totally the same way. people always criticize me but i believe if god has it in your cards that you’re going to get cancer, then you will. there are obviosuly ways to prevent it, but i believe that things happen for a reason and that some things are just supposed to happen.

    i love protein pancakes!!!!

  4. I think I could eat protein pancakes and other protein concoctions for every meal!

  5. I put a comment related to this post in the post below. Duh! I asked a question about guar gum and where you find it in your store.

    Thanks. Dawn

  6. I had to laugh when I read that you had to pee in some stranger’s house. That totally happened to me recently when we were house hunting and it doesn’t seem like it should be weird but it kinda is.

    Yum for your protein pancakes. I haven’t made those in FOREVER. Looks like I’ll have to fire up the griddle this weekend after seeing those pics 🙂

  7. Yummy! Protein pancakes! I haven’t made those in awhile. Take your Toyota in pronto!

  8. It wouldn’t surprise me about Jesse JAmes. His ex, whom he has a child with, is tatted up as well. Full sleeves, legs, neck, the works.

    Sad t hough definitely.

  9. I heard that thing about Jesse James on the radio this morning…what D bag.

    Your pancakes look yummy!

  10. hope the inspection goes well! great looking pancakes!!

  11. YUM on those pancakes!!!!

    Good luck with the car. I have an older Toyota Corolla so no probs for me, thank goodness!


  12. Hey, what is your recipe for Protein Pancakes? Do tell, yours look fluffy as heck!
    Jesse James, just add him to Prince Charles, Kobe Bryant, Hugh Grant, Halle Barry’s Ex, Shania Twain’s Ex, the list goes on of men that cheat on hot gorgeous women. You simply can’t win with most men, they still cheat. Clearly, I have a bit of a bad opinion, and I experienced it personally, so there’s that.
    But there are a few good ones out there. Three maybe. LOL

  13. God doesn’t want you to die in your car. That’s why He sent you the recall notice to get it fixed! LOL!

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