I have a few “trigger” foods that I don’t typically keep in the house.  Over the years i’ve gotten sneaky in my ways.  I can’t NOT let Mike eat peanut butter or have trail mix ever again.  Sure I can eat a salad while others are eating pizza, or drink tea while others are drinking beer but I do have my weaknesses.

Instead of:

Big jar of nuts

I buy:

Something about the individual serving helps me?

Instead of: mix is the best

I buy:

I actually buy Mike the single serving size

Instead of:


I buy:

I don’t know why, but if I don’t deem it “healthy” as a cereal I won’t eat it.  Honey Nut Cheerios I buy also for Mike.

Instead of:

I buy:

I told you my brain is weird.  Again, not the healthier kind keeps me out.

Gladcorn.  I need help here.  I’m not a popcorn eater but these things are ridiculous!   I bought some for Mike for our road trip in a few weeks and we devoured the bag.  It was my higher carb day 😉 

How about you?  What triggers your munchie monster?

Mike loves this little guy.  He told me it reminded him of me.  Then I told him his name was Hungry and then it got even funnier.



  1. jessica

    For me, ice cream in tub form. I can handle ice cream bars, individual portioned out ones, in fact I will IGNORE them in the freezer. But as soon as one of my roomies buys a tub of the good shit, I eat it all at like 2am with a spoon in the dark.

  2. i am the same way with nut butters but i am bad with cereal. i think i wont eat it if it isnt a health version.. and then i am up to my ears in marshall’s booberry. :/

  3. ana


  4. Like you, roasted mixed (delux!) nuts are very hard to not fill my face with. I seem to do better with raw nuts and nutbutters in general. I mean, how much raw chunky almond butter can you really eat? I will say this: the Mara Natha dark chocolate pb I bought has lasted an unusually long amount of time. It doesn’t seem to trigger me like some of the other cracked out pb’s. And don’t get me started on peanut butter puffins…it’s scary!!

  5. Ugh.. lets see.. anything sweet is bad for me! So I tame my sweet tooth with protein powder!

    Have you tried those almonds in the cocoa flavor? They have splenda but they are so good!

    • april i love the cocoa roasted almonds. i got my parents addicted to them too.

  6. That gladcorn – it’s like crack, until I actually broke a tooth while eating some and had to get a crown. Now I am afraid to eat it, which is a good thing !

  7. Julia

    Any type of nut butter. I absolutely love them. It sucks because I know they are healthy and that they are good ways to incorporate healthy fats into my diet, but I just absolutely suck with the moderation part. The first time I actually used measuring spoons to see what a serving of pb should look like I about cried.

  8. trigger foods…i dont have any. i really dont. i could keep anything and everything around and not eat it. or eat it. I dont care. I just dont care that much. It’s interesting I am a food blogger b.c i dont care about the food so much as i care about creating it and creating recipes. And the friendships 🙂 that’s why i like to blog. Wayyyy off track, sorry!

    i do love popcorn, chocolate, and coffee but allow myself my fill daily and that way i never feel the need to over do it or anything.

    and you and the house…congrats girl!!! I am in real estate hell right now.

    And those bowls, tooooo cute!

  9. Nut butters. Granola and/or granola bars…natural dried papaya. those are the three things that have NO Bid-niss being in my house during a diet…or even a non diet. There is no stopping me until they are gone. I suck.

  10. Cookies are my weakness. And oddly, graham crackers.

  11. OMG, I will NOT bring that Kashi granola cereal in the house. I love it way too much! That is a hard one for me to do portion control. I am pretty good everywhere else.

    I do have my treat cookie on the weekend days though & usually eat healthy the rest of the day.

  12. cereal…any and all kinds!

  13. Um yea. Even the little pre-portioned out thingies don’t work for me. I have to just learn to control my brain. I like food. And I need limits. I can have pre-portioned stuff in my house but I can just as easily overeat that as the regular size. I wish I was better. But counting calories for me works wonders,…seriously.

  14. I cannot do cereals, bagels, or candy for sure. One piece of candy and I’m done for…I won’t stop until it’s all gone. It’s so smart to recognize these triggers and just avoid them!

    I will never be one of the people who can “enjoy in moderation” lol.

  15. i am sooooooo bad with a big jar of nuts and trail mix too. somehow i still buy the big containers and just eat them anyways. one time i finished a 40 ounce nut tray in 5 days. wow.


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