Wrong side of the tracks

Happy lovely Sunday!  I have been to Target and walked Boomer so far.  I was out off eggs!  YIKES!  I had to improvize my breakfast.  I’m stocked up now so I should be good. 


We found the perfect house.  The layout was great, there was a huge deck with a hot tub, 2.3 acres and lots of lovely trees and a stream.  It was gorgeous.

We saw a total of 10 houses and this was the one.  The only problem is it is on the west side of Indianapolis.  The other houses we saw were on the north, or east side.  So we talked and thought and talked again.  We decided against it because Mike didn’t want to worry about me.  Because the stores and stuff outside of the neighborhood look like this at night.

We talked to some friends and family and they agreed it is not an ideal location.  I love where I live now on the south side.  I can walk at 3a and be safe.  Mike and I went to Austin one week and left our garage door up on accident and nothing was stolen.  I also left my bike out accidentally the other night and it was still there.  So we’re looking for another place like that.  We’ll find it…eventually.


We ate at Mudsocks Grill for lunch.  It was SO good.  I always have a salad so when I eat out it’s so so.  This salad was SUPER tasty.  It was the grilled chicken salad mmm…goat cheese. 

I have a bicep and tricep workout that i’ll be doing later.  I took a complete rest day yesterday.


What are you doing today?



  1. I’m resting today! And being sad that spring break is over. Oh well!

    You do live in a safe neighboorhood! Ours is safe and it’s full of families.. but yet houses still get broken into!

  2. I like to keep Sundays (usually) as a real “off” day. I don’t shoot my vlogs, I don’t work, I don’t workout and I stay off Twitter for the most part.I try to head out to church or watch Joel Osteen to be a good girl that loves God. 😉
    But blog reading, Sundays are perfect for that!! 😉

  3. I have the Bad Boyz theme in my head now….bad boyz bad boyz whatcha gonna do when they come for you…..

  4. That’s a beautiful house. Too bad it’s close to a sketchy area. I plan on doing lots of studying today.

  5. eggs always make a good start to any day 😉

    that house is beauutiful! one thing to remember is that just because a house is in a good/”iffy” neighborhood, that doesn’t necessarily determine the going-ons. haha hows that for hard to follow? I grew up in arguably THE safest neighborhood in Minneapolis, and our house was broken into twice, and bikes stolen out of our garage 3 different times. aaanyways, my .02

    i definitely lean towards the salads too when i go out to eat, but YEAH a lot of them fall flat. especially when you’re a vegetarian! it makes my day when I get a legit good and tasty salad at a restaurant 😀

  6. annnd to make this more of a novel, i have only gone to church and coffeed so far.. currently working on a strawberry lemonade smoothie. hitting the gym to get school work done, and then hopefully grilling tonight!

  7. Good neighbors are everything! Doesn’t matter how nice the house is, if the neighborhood is bad, you won’t like it after a while.

  8. Nice house, bummer its not in a better neighborhood. Hope you find one soon! have a great workout. I love tri’s and bi’s!!

  9. Yep, location is key!!! You’ll find the right one. Today was a leg day for me. I’ll be hitting bis/tris tomorrow.

  10. Kathi

    Sunday is my off day from the gym and I enjoy just being home. Today I do all my food prep for the week. I cook all my food and put them in containers so all I have to do is put it in the microwave. I am also cooking meals for my husband and putting them in the freeze so we can pull them out and a pop in the oven. It does take work but it makes the crazy week so less stressful. Glad it is a rest day trying to rest my “booty”.. 🙂 Damn hamstring injury..

  11. ANA

    i knew youd of all people would understand 🙂 bye bye peanut butter!

    youll find a house april! i like to live where its safe too! and i have my little ones to worry about so they can play outside etc!

  12. Reminds me of the real estate cliche “location, location , location”.

  13. Tea

    April thanks for the reminder and all the info! Tony had me taking digestive Enzymes last year and along the line somewhere I just stopped, so I pulled them out and I will start taking them again. I take Digestion Plus by Ethical Nutrients 🙂

  14. Ok…I have to know – was that picture REALLY the house? Oh. I would so want to move in there, and just promise I wouldn’t go for walks at night or leave the garage open.
    We still haven’t found one or gotten a GOOD offer (someone offered us HALF of our asking price. BOO.
    Cheers to happy house hunting!

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