It’s a go!

It’s official.  Inspections and appraisal went through.  I still can’t believe we finally sold our house!  Immediately after the phone call guess what happened?

Maybe all of this is due to stress?  On the other hand I used to have chronic constipation.  I would go once a week…for real.  Once I hired Tony and started eating and then eating good for me things the problem was fixed.  I still had bouts of times where I would get plugged up on occasion.  Now it seems i’m having the opposite effect.  I go back to the GI on March 30th.


Today is my high carb day!!  I just finished an apple and a pkt of Justins Maple Almond Butter.  Perfect portion and no over eating 🙂  I don’t usually eat apples even though they are on my plan.  I opt for a grapefruit or berries.  The apples have too much sugar for me.  It was tasty.  I microwaved it for a minute first.

What is your favorite fruit?  I’ve always been a fan of the strawberry 😉




  1. I LOVE strawberries and Granny Smith apples. I’m also a huge pineapple fan.

  2. I love dried cranberries! In my salads, oatmeal, wheatbran, baked breads, you name it! Wow! You sold your house! How exciting! I actually like moving into a new place. A fresh start. Hope you feel better.

  3. Congrats! We just got through the appraisal and inspection of our rental house that we are selling, and what a huge relief!

    I love, love fruit. My husband calls me a fruit hoover because I eat so much LOL. I love strawberries and blueberries most of all.

  4. I haven’t tried Justin’s Maple Nutbutter but I have had the PeanutButter Co. Maple Peanut Butter and it’s TO.DIE.FOR.

    I just bought some maple extract (which i didn’t even know they made until this past weeeknd, lol) and I am going to add some to my next batch of PB when I make some. Cant’ hurt, right?
    I have never microwaved an apple. I will have to try that.

    Yay for pooping regularly!

  5. Congrats on the appraisal and inspection going good….now you have to find a new house 🙂 with a nice big yard for boomer 🙂

    I love watermelon 🙂 and honey dew and cantalope….summer is coming 🙂 Man, i miss fruit sometimes 😉

  6. my sister had that strawberry shortcake house!

  7. Amy

    Congrats on the house! although I will be so so sad not having you around the corner 😦 This will be really great for you though, so don’t stress!…no really, don’t!

    I too am a fan of the strawberry, but only in small quantities ( I get hives if I overeat them) but I have been known to go nyts on the pineapple and lil cuties from time to time.

    PS….No need to rub it in on the …regularity 🙂

  8. Congrats!! that’s so exciting!

    I’m the same way with fruit. I don’t have bananas much either for that same reason but I had some the other day and yum!!

  9. YAY for selling the house! That is exciting!!

    My favorite fruit is apples…but ONLY pink ladies…yeah I am picky! haha!

  10. CONGRATS! that is awesome. i am sure you are excited. i am waiting to hear back on the appraisal for the house i am buying. peaches!

  11. That’s so amazing that you sold your house!! Especially in this market.

    I have been eating oranges like crazy lately. I guess that happens living in Florida…they are right off my dad’s tree.

  12. congrats on the house!! that is always soooo very exciting.

    hmm my fav fruit gosh if I could eat pineapple daily I might, but i do like my daily apple

  13. yay for selling the house!!! we are STILL waiting for ours to sell in IN before we buy here in VA! ive always loved most fruits,but my fruit i CRAVE right now is watermelon and grapes….
    hope your tummy troubles resolve soon!!!

  14. I’m definitely a strawberry girl. As in I finished my workout today, walked across the parking lot, bought a sobe lean and a PINT of strawberries, and proceeded to eat them all in my next kines class. I did share one… but only because the kid next to me kept saying “those strawberries look goood” 😉

    Congrats on the house – thats so exciting! Bummer about the GI issues though. Do you ever feel like all the running around to different doctors and always having to see someone else or come back in x weeks is the cause of the stress? Haha.. maybe I just want a quick fix.

  15. ANA

    congrats on selling your house and going poop! ? 🙂 heheheh

    and good job on doing a normal portion of almond butter me too today so far so good i was supposed to have 1tbsp today and i only had like 1/2!

  16. Congrats on the house, no more stress. Aww, I’d have to stay bananas, peaches then strawberries. I just can not pick, I love all fruit so much.

  17. Strawberries,bananas and blueberries. Congrats on the house sale!

  18. Congrats on the house but UGH on the tummy!

    I love blueberries, strawberries & grapes.

    Love that protein bar recipe!!!!! YUM!

    Feel better!

  19. Congrats!! That has to be a stress relief! But I guess the tummy troubles add stress…ugh 😦 I hope you feel better!

  20. I LOVE strawberries, bananas, apples and grapes. If I had to choose one, SBs!

    CONGRATS on the house!

  21. congrats on the house!!!

  22. Congratulations on the house! It must be super exciting moving and all but really stressful too. *hugs* Hope your tummy gets better soon!

    Nat xoxo

  23. peanutbutterfingers

    congrats on selling the house lil’ lady!!! that’s awesommmmme!

  24. Congrats! Isn’t that just a huge relief? Oy…
    As for the packets of JN Butter…I have to confess that I have eaten a packet in the middle of the night as a snack. Maybe more than once (hey, I’m in weight-gain mode here). I’ve also eaten it like a normal person and love the plain almond.

    Fruits are always a sketchy area for me, but I really like everything but raspberries. Those little spike things annoy me. Usual suspects are apples and bananas, and occasionally dried apricots. Yum!

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