Someone found a home…

Unforunately it wasn’t Mike and I.  i was wondering how my car got leaves on it in the garage?


Someone found some food in our garage also?

Someone sold their Harley.

Someone broke the backspace key off their laptop.

I taped it on there so it won’t get lost 🙂


Someone had to go to the doctor today.

She has gained a lb but she didn’t look and I didn’t tell her 😉


Someone is going to have lunch at their favorite restaurant this afternoon.  I will be getting a salad but not my usual greek with warm pitas 😦  It’s not carb day.  That’s tomorrow.  I have a glorious product review and Opensky deal waiting for tomorrow’s post so get excited 😉


Someone didn’t get up for EMC this morning.  Well I got up, even had the TV on but Boomer was laying in bed and when I passed back by I just wanted to lay with her.  House hunting wears me out.  At least I won’t look like this on my cruise.

Oh boy

Unfortunately I don’t look like this now either.

This suit is for sale if anyone is interested.  $125


What are you having for lunch today?  Is it carb day or do you not care?  I really wish I was one who could eat bread everyday but I can’t.  You have to do what is right for your body.



  1. I’m having kabocha squash with black beans on spinach with balsamic vinegar. I don’t do any carb cycling.

  2. I loved this post. Omg Boomer looks so upset…

    So, you have birds…and squirrels in your garage? Who would make a nest AND get into dog food? I am confused. LOL

    For lunch #1 I had cabbage in the form of Cole Slaw mix with spicy mustard, and some chicken. For lunch #2, I will have whey and Berry green amazing grass.
    No carbs for this chickypoo for a week! BOO

  3. You better type very carefully without that backspace!

    Boomer looks perfect the way she is…up 1 pound or not 🙂

  4. What a cute post! Boomer does look really sad, though. Poor pup!

  5. oh man, she is giving you those eyes!!! Those sad eyes 😦 She is too cute!!

    And the birds? that ought to be fun trying to get them out of there 🙂

    Carbs? mmm….well if i get up for EMC i get a piece of Ezekiel bread…if not, my carbs are butternut squash and veggies…

  6. I had a turkey-bean burger with avocado and broccoli! No bread for me either. I have a doctors appointment today.. we shall see if he can find out whats wrong with this dang tummy!

  7. HAHA that bird is so funny. It just knows your home is the place to be!

  8. I had an egg white that I mixed up with some refried black beans, a sprinkle of shredded cheese, avocado and celery and ate that with a warmed up corn tortilla. It sounds kind of nasty but it was actually really good! Also had to have my apple…


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