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Good Morning!  It’s almost Friday for you working the 9-5 jobs 😉  Hopefully once we get settled in up north i’ll find a job too.  My last job I worked 7a-345p.  I loved those hours.  I’m eating my breakfast right now and watching ANTM that I dvr’d.  In a bit i’m meeting a friend at Starbucks.  It’s our last meet up.  She starts a job next week and i’ll be moving.  She was laid off from my last place of employment as well.  I’ve had 2 calls and emails last week about people missing me 😀


When I got home from my mom’s last night mama bird wasn’t there.  I had to close the garage door so if there are eggs up there she is probably sad 😦  Mike and I are both animal lovers.  We will leave some spiders too.  I say some, if you are really big and black you got to go.  If you pick up the broom and sweep the kitchen then you can stay.


Have you seen the measure up bowls in my Opensky shop?  Now you can get them 10% off!

No need to dirty up measuring cups!  This offer is good for an entire week.  All you have to do is use the discount code measureup10.

I will give you ideas of how to use these throughout the week. 


What hours do you work?



  1. I work 7-4. I love getting off before most everyone else and feeling like I still have time left in the day to enjoy.

  2. Changes are always hard as is leaving familiar places & friends. You will do great! I always worked long hours & that was not fun!

  3. I start my work day at 10 am. The finish time depends on how busy it is. I work Sun- Thurs (almost my weekend!!)

  4. Those bowls are cool, dude!!

    So, are you a spider racist? 😀 I keed, I keed!

    We have a no kill policy. Catch and release. LOL

  5. Pam

    We have had birdie mom’s do that too, so I normally shoo them out and they make a nice nest outside of the garage. We have a light and she will nest there.


  6. Ashley S

    Awesome bowl! I like the small one. How much is shipping?


  7. He WAS a total d-bag, thanks, girl – your comment made me smile!! I work 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. in the office M – W and F. Thursday I work from home!

  8. aww poor mama bird!! I wonder where she went

  9. Right now it’s 8-3 for the most part Mon,Wed,Fri and Sat. is 8:30-1:30.
    When my biz picks up next week it will be more like 7:30-5:30 MWF and 7:30-4S.

  10. Um. When I’m not working out or sleeping, I’m pretty much working.
    Signed, #Workaholic

  11. Mmm my hours are 9-5 on the days I intern/work but the nights I have school I’m out a liTtttttle later. But spring break is here thank the lord!

  12. very easy bowls, I like it. My hours should be 9-6…but I work at home so they are more like 6-8, 10-3, 4-7 or some random variation

  13. I am so happy for you guys with the house, i just wanted to tellyou i am a few posts behind but that is fantastic news!
    On other matters, if you could drop my my post today, and read what i wrote re bikini/figure, and any and all newbie tips you have for someone just considering it, i’d be so grateful 🙂

  14. That cottage cheese combo looks DELISH! I will definately try it once I get some cottage cheese! Love your blog! You have such determination!

    • Thanks!! 😀

  15. I work really random hours as a personal trainer…like Monday 12-8ish, Tuesday 3-10ish, Wed 3-7ish, Thurs 3-8ish, Friday 1-3ish, Sat 10-12ish, Sunday sometimes off…I prefer to keep mornings to myself to work out and handle biz, then train my clients in the afternoon/night…would like to consolidate my schedule more…we’ll see

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