I can’t let go

Howdy, howdy!  If you know me, I seriously do use the word howdy.  Mike is going to look at a few houses during his lunch break.  I’m trusting his judgement 😉  I’ve been trying to clean up and throw out.  There are some things I just can’t throw away.  Stupid things that I KNOW I won’t use.  I’m not as bad as the people on the hoarders show.  I’m pretty clean and keep things tidy but i’m not an organized person by definition.  If you asked me where something was I can tell you.


For example:

Oxygen Magazines.  My first one is from 2004 when they were $3.99.  IMO it was a much better magazine back then.  I could throw away 2008-2010 because there was really nothing interesting happening.

Back in the day the competitors gave you sample meal plans and it wasn’t all about ads and making money.

My favorite year was 2005.  That was when figure was at it’s prime if you ask me.  I know you didn’t but i’m telling you anyway.

I had this page book marked 😀  I must have liked it.  Jenny Lynn and Monica Brant…does it get any better?  I think not.


You all know i’m not a big dairy eater.  I do love me some cottage cheese but in my mind yogurt is crap.  I could do without cottage cheese also if I ever decide to quit dairy totally.  I only eat it 2 times a week right now anyway.  I do love the measure up bowls for the cottage cheese!

I only need 2 strawberries for my 1/2 cup serving thanks to this guy!


Added some poppyseeds too!


Love these bowls!  Don’t forget the discount if you want them too!  MEASUREUP10 for 10% off any bowl!


Are there things you just can’t get rid of?



  1. I have a real problem parting with my magazines too. I started tearing out the “important” pages and putting them in binders. I have one for recipes, one for workouts/fitness, one for home decor…you get the idea.

    That bowl of cottage cheese with strawberries looks delish. 2 of my favorite things!

  2. OMG I thought I was the ONLY hoarder of magazines! I agree- Oxygen was WAY better back in ‘tha day! lol. I actually have most of my old SHAPE magazines, old SELF (WAY BETTER BACK THEN), Fitness etc. I mean from like yr 1999+lol. I finally purged some but can’t part with the rest. Oh well. Funniest thing, my parents recently cleaned their basement and finally threw away ALL of my old YM Magazines (young and modern-remember?) and Seventeen magazines! Including all those special ones you would buy that would be all quizzes etc. There were about 5yrs worth! lol. Too funny!

  3. Ahhh! A mutant strawberry! I actually ordered the back issues of Oxygen and totally agree that the older issues are much better. Much more information on the pros and their workouts and diets. You’ve inspired me to pull out my old issues and read them again. 🙂

  4. i am so jealous of your back issues!

  5. I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one who saves magazines!! If you ever do decide you want to get rid of them, don’t throw them away.. mail them to me!! LOL

  6. That is one crazy looking strawberry.

    I actually saw those bowls in a magazine the other day–seem very cool!

  7. Lindsay

    I have lots of old Oxygen mags too! I remember when they used to post sample menus of competitors. I threw away all my old Self and Fitness, but I save Oxygen!

  8. I have issues of Oxygen and Cooking Light from years ago too! I just threw away a Cooking Light from 2001 today!!

  9. Wow that strawberry is big!

  10. I do agree that Figure seems to have gone way far away (that sounds stupid) from its original roots. When I watch Jenny Lynn’s DVDs, to me that is figure and that is an amazing physique. Now it seems that it is moving more toward bikini. That seems an awful lot of work for bikini….but then again I haven’t been watching figure as long so I might not be as good of a judge.
    LOVE the massive strawberries. I love me some strawberries.

  11. ANA

    i love monica brant and jenny lynn just gorgeus!!!! love there look!

    i have a ton of oxygen mag i cannot part with! lol!!!

    and i didnt like when they added all kinds of fashion stuff to the oxygen mag and i dont care for the preagnnet stuff cause ill never be pregs again.

  12. I too am an avid collector of oxegyn mags! My husband could not understand why we would need to move these from house to house. I would even buy doubles occassionally so I could cut something out of the mags and put on a vision board! Jenny Lynn and Monica were my favs back when I was in college. I now have the unique and amazing privledge to work side by side with Jenny Lynn as a teamate of hers promoting the body by Vi 90 day health Challenge. When I heard about the challenge And that Jenny Lynn was a promoter I figured if the product was good enough for a 2 time Miss figure olympia champ then it woud be more than enough for me. The 108,000 people wjo signed up for the health transformation challenge last month were on to something. The product does not dissappoint. I would love for you to join our team. Check out http://gone4good.myvi.net.

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