Pack it in

I’ll be house hunting ALL weekend.  Saturday and Sunday.  Thankfully I got an awesome present in the mail.  It sure will come in handy!

Thanks so much Kelly!  Check these things out HERE!


When I opened them to wash I was so excited because Mike’s lunch will fit in here perfectly!  Not only does it save a bunch of containers to wash but also plastic baggies.  Now i’m planning out what I will pack while we’re house hunting….hmmm….I guess broccoli and egg whites are out of the question.  Not sure the realtor would like those smells in her car HA!



  1. Good luck with the house hunting April.
    That is very exciting stuff!!!
    LOVE those containers too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. cute lunchbox and I have one of those and just did a give away for her, as you probably saw. THanks for all your info and support!! xoxoxo

  3. Cute containers! I have some rubbermaid ones that have only 2 spots inside. I like it for meals where everything should be cold, or everything should be hot. My only hangup with packages like that is that if I put rice or pasta in it along with fruits or veggies, I can’t microwave it bc my cold stuff will get cooked! lol I hope your house hunting goes well!!

  4. I love those containers and need to look further on their website.

    I broke out out a salad with mushrooms, onions, vinegar and tuna salad on the bus the other day. I say when you’re hungry, you’re hungry!

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