Food Issues

I was remembering back when I would go to Jazzercise with my aunt when I was 10.  Yes, I started exercising that young.  I had the Get In Shape Girl set.  I was so excited when I got that for Christmas. 

After Jazzercise we would go to Pizza King and I would get this awesome burrito.  I can still taste it.  So we rewarded ourselves for working out.  This is a practice that stuck with me until I found Tony.  I learned HOW to eat and learned that I was WAY over cardioing myself.


I rememeber going out to my gma Hommel’s for our big Sunday feasts.  She would make homemade chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes, etc….I can still taste it.  I wasn’t one of those kids you couldn’t get to eat.  My gma had 11 kids so there were alot of us to feed 😀


I remember at my gma Bailey’s we would always order Domino’s pizza.  I can still taste it.  For breakfast we would make homemade donuts out of biscuits.


I remember during my fat free phase I would NOT eat the mixed nuts my dad had to have laying around the house.  They were full of fat!  No peanut butter for me no sir.  I wonder if this caused my ability not to portion control this food?


I no longer eat pizza, donuts or noodles.  I guess I had my fill.  I have a point to this post.  I will get to it 😉


Glad there are other weird hoarders out there 😀



  1. My grandmother made donuts out of biscuit dough too!

  2. It’s amazing how things that happen when we are little shape our attitudes towards food. In our house, things were always labeled as somebody’s food. My mom had her diet foods, my dad had his snacks, and we couldn’t eat those foods, so I always wanted to sneak them.

  3. Amy

    That is TOO crazy. Chris and I were just talking about that kit yesterday and how we did the ribbon dancing. :). It’s crazy the things that happen as a kid that stick wih ya. I remember the biscuit donuts…yummmm

  4. EE

    Wow, that’s quite a kit, and I half love it.

    We had a cabinet that was locked — it was food my dad made my mom hide from him.

  5. My mom used to make donuts from biscuits, too! haha

  6. AWWW you so sweet. And yes, I will say that my house- especially now that I am husband free and pet free, is immaculately cleaner than ever! I LOVE IT!!
    Now- I’ve worked in the real estate space for a while too, so I’m gonna tell you. To sell your house, there is DEFINITELY something to be sad about making it look like a model home. Take away distractions- if you have photos out in frames all over, take it down!! (people looking at your house will spend time snooping rather than seeing the house as their own) If your kitchen counters and fridge has crap all over it; magnets on the fridge, stuff on top of the fridge, anything on the counters, get it OFF. The more cluttered your garage, closets and basement/attic are, the more people view that as “not enough space”. If you have strong colors on the wall or wallpaper- go neutral. fresh paint makes a huge difference. Scented candles- yes!!! It works!! Music in the background; yes!! Clutter- NO!!! When I really wanted to sell my last house, I uncluttered and realized how different the space looked. And guess what, it was doing that that took me from a Shabby Chic girl with knick knacks and “stuff” all over to a Pottery Barn girl with no clutter and crazy neatness, hahahah
    You’ll get it!!!

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