Made an offer!


After seeing about 30 houses we were getting kind of disgruntled.  We didn’t see anything intersting or that we felt at home in.  Not until yesterday.  We found an AMAZING house.  Man these people were immaculate.  It’s was built in 1999 but you would think it was a show house.  They live like Kelly and Kelly O.  I could have done the white glove test and their closet was even organized.  Which by the way the organizer in it stays with the house.  So IF we get it I will try and keep our closet that way 😉


I’ve been throwing things out here.  I need to take a weekend and have a garage sale.  I mean, do I really need my stuffed animals that are in the attic?  I love the way our house looks now.  At first I didn’t.  I had to remove all my little things that cluttered up space.  I had to make this a show house.  I’ve found that I really like the look of fresh and clean.  The house we are trying to buy had no pictures on the walls.  I really like that.  Mike of course thinks a house needs pictures.  I will win this battle.


My eating has been all over the place lately.  I’ve not been on schedule and i’ve been having way too many shakes instead of real food.  After the cruise I really need to get back to my plan before summer gets here.  I’ve decided not to weigh myself before the cruise because that would just bum me out i’m sure.  I’m probably sitting at 120-122 lbs.  So after the cruise I should be about 130 🙂 


This is a cycle I go through EVERY year.  I don’t know, something about eating a ton on a cruise lights a fire under my butt and I kick it into high gear after I get back.  I only eat 3 times a day on the ship and I do LOTS of walking.  Also before the BIG dinners I do 45 mins to an hour of cardio which helps keep some fat off.  Most of the weight will be water weight.  Since i’ll be eating some carbs, those hold lots of water.  My body is not used to lots of carbs.  I feel best on a moderate carb diet.  The meals on the ship are not super sized meals.  They are just right and I love that!  Now if I could stay out of the cookies i’d be golden 😉


Keep your fingers crossed that this deal goes through for us!  We want to go on our cruise and be relaxed instead of worrying about where we’ll live.


Cookies or Lobster?  I’ma sweets girl 100%



  1. So hope you get the house! I found that I did so much walking around on the cruise we went on that I didn’t gain any weight at all. I was worried about that with all the food day and night.

  2. We take the stairs when possibel too 🙂 I didn’t mention my 4th meal of more desserts around 10p 😉

  3. My fingers are crossed!!

    I’m the same way with carbs. Whenever I have more than usual the scale goes up!

  4. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you on the house!
    Did they say when they will be done taking offers?

  5. Fingers crossed! Glad you finally found one that you liked!

    Now that I eat more carbs, I dont tend to have the crazy jump in the scale just bc Im used to it ya know?

  6. fitlizzio

    fingers are crosseed!!!! i’ve got my fingers crossed…crossed, crossed, crooo….ssed.(if you’ve seen freddy got fingered than you won’t think i’m such a crazy person 🙂 haha)

    glad you found one you liked! i love a clean house too..i just hate cleaning it 🙂

  7. Pam

    House blessings are coming your way! Sorry I would have to go for the lobster..he he!


  8. My fingers are crossed in a BIG way – that is so awesome!! And i’m glad the organizer stays – organizers make me SOOO happy – haha – thanks for the shout out! My eating has been all over the place too. I’m trying to get back on track today… hope this week goes well!

  9. Fingers are crossed. Good luck.

  10. Fingers crossed! Hope you get it!!
    ❤ jess

  11. omg that’s so exciting!
    if your deal falls thru,my house is for sale and it’s beyond white glove and 6 mos old and gated and stainless and the whole bit. want it? it’s in AZ. I want to live in CA 🙂

  12. oh i hope it all goes well! fingers crossed!! xoxo

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