Living in the moment

I mentioned awhile back that once I hit 115 I would get my massage that I got for Christmas.  Then I read THIS post.  Isn’t it weird how sometimes things just click?  You should read the entire thing but here’s what got me:

There was never any end date for me. I was always going to be a work in progress because that is life.

I have been 145 lbs, I have been 105 lbs.  I actually still feel the same way about my body image at both weights.  Instead of using the massage as a reward i’m just going to go ahead and get it because I NEED it.  The massage lady doesn’t care how much I weigh.  The things that go through my head are insane and I know this. 

 It will be HARD to live in the moment instead of when I lose 5 lbs i’ll do….or …..I will always be a work in progress myself.  I’m sure i’ll do future competitions but I don’t want to “diet” just for those.  My eating has changed so much in the last 4 years that this is really my life.  I won’t go back to the old eating because I feel better now.

I will go through ups and downs.  I have my ENTIRE life.  I always joke that i’ve never had a metabolism.  That makes it easier for me to eat healthy I think.  For now i’m going to enjoy my vacation and live in the moment.  This doesn’t mean i’ll be chugging alcohol and eating french fries.  I’m sure many of you understand my anxiousness.  Being out of my norm.  Off a schedule.  I do however love it!  This is the only time during the year that there is not a schedule for me.  My eating isn’t timed, but my workouts still are HA!  I do enjoy moving so it’s all good.

Sorry for the rambling but this is my blog and it’s nice to  look back and see where my head was at the moment 😀


I love you all!!!!



  1. Great attitude. I think it really is important to live in the moment and enjoy every second of it. Life’s too short to hang on to that massage girl! You deserve it just because not because you’ve lost X amount of weight or whatever the goal. I know you’re going to have a great time on the cruise. I totally understand about the being off sched thing. But sometimes it’s good for us!

  2. I’ve been out of town and am getting caught up on your posts. I really hope you guys get the house! How exciting!!

    And I love the attitude about just getting the massage. I totally agree with Heather’s comment. I hope you enjoy every minute of the massage. And of course, your vacation! For me at least, sometimes getting out of my usual routine/rhythm helps me come back even stronger and more focused.

  3. I am with everyone else, life is too short not too enjoy the massage just b/c the scale doesn’t say what you think it should or want it to when you feel like you earned the massage. I think you TOTALLY earn your massage with the daily goodness you put in your body and the exercise you give it.

    Question: Where did you get your bikini for your comp? The blue one there in the picture?

    • I got it from Flirt Catalog. Chynna also has some cute ones.

  4. Amen, girl! Awesome, healthy attitude. Enjoy the massage! And enjoy your cruise!!
    ❤ jess

  5. April, thx so much for mentioning my post!

    I love your attitude & I see nothing but success, whatever that is for you! Life is good, it can be bad, there are ups & downs. We just have to keep going on & making the most of what it is… it is a journey for us all!

    Yes to the massage!

  6. Amy

    You Go girl, you are a rock star! Enjoy the “relaxation” of the vacation and the massage. You deserve it 🙂

  7. My favorite quote is “A Garden Is Never Finished”

  8. you in the blue = totally smokin hot!

    the click in the previous post, i have a free sample of it but it has whey in it which is clearly not vegan but i fear mega tummy issues if i try it.
    and by all means, meat could be your tummy issues per the comment you left me. on allergy testing, it comes up positive for me to red meat, chicken, fish, shellfish, etc. It’s always possible…

  9. fitlizzio

    that is exactly how my mind works and i am trying to fix that because like you said, whatever my weight is, i still view myself pretty much the same.

  10. Love this post girl!! I needed to read this right now. SO TRUE. I’m gonna bust this prep for nats out but I’m also gonna go on the record as saying sometimes I wonder what it’s all for…
    I am who I am, at 130 or 118…


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