No time

Where did the month go??  I have so much stuff to do this week.  Yes, I am THAT person you hate because I have no job and i’m complaining about not having time.  I did not sleep a wink last night.  I was up for cardio at 6a though.  I always feel good after that.  Shoulders later today and it’s a long workout WOO!

I made Mike’s lunch at 3a since I had nothing else to do.

So far so good!

Fits perfect!

This item will hopefully be available soon in my OpenSky store.  Until then you can get them HERE!  I just love having a store.  It’s easy when your not forking out bills etc. 😉



Cardio first thing of course.  Then I have a massage scheduled for 9:30a.  I said I would get it once I hit 115, more on that in a minute.  Then I have to get my oil changed that afternoon.  Also get whatever the Toyota recall is fixed 😉  Legs to work, after getting my body all loosey goosey.


A.m cardio, chest workout. I have a Drs. Appt this day.  Maybe some happy pills will be prescribed?  I’m still iffy about them.  I won’t start them until after my cruise not knowing how they will effect me. 


Abs with running intervals.  I guess I should start packing.  I’ll take the same stuff i’ve taken on my last 5 cruises.  I’m on in my workout clothes, evening attire and bathing suits all day. 


Boomer goes to dad’s.  😦  I will miss her.  I’m so lucky that my parents are around to pawn her off.  She would NOT make it in a kennel.  Then we’re headed to Ft. Laudy daudy!!  ROAD TRIP!


My life is such a whirlwind right now.  Not knowing is killing me but it’s also exciting.  Things are falling into place a great things are happening all around.


Do you cook on an electric stove or gas?



  1. Hey girl – sounds like a full week ahead. I cook on gas and totally prefer it. Spoiled now. What do you think the doc would prescribe for you? I’ve taken a few diff happy pills. When’s the cruise again?

  2. I’d love to have your life with no job–that is if I still had money :). Enjoy your busy week! 🙂

  3. Sounds like a good week planned!

    I love cooking with gas, but we currently have electric. Our house is heated by gas, so if we really wanted, we could have a stove line put in, but the electric stove is new, so we will deal 😀


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