Osteoporosis and your health

Osteoporosis affects more women who smoke, have small bones, post-menopausal or

who are “under-weight.” Osteoporosis is the loss of bone density and requires proper treatment.

The first, and most obvious treatment is to choose weight-bearing activities such as weight

training or aerobic exercises with small hand weights. Many women are afraid of building large,

bulky muscles. This cannot happen unless a large quantity of food is taken in along with extremely

heavy weight training. If you choose to begin weight training as a source to increase bone density,

find a qualified professional in your area to take you through some total body conditioning

workouts. First time exercisors can seriously injure themselves if the movements are not performed


Next, increase the amount of calcium you are taking in. Many doctors will recommend that women over

the age of 35 should take a calcium supplement even if they exercise on a regular basis. Your body will

take what it needs from the supplement and eliminate the rest. Post menopausal women may want to

consider estrogen therapy. Lower estrogen levels can cause a decrease in bone density. There is a concern

for women who have irregular menstrual cycles because their bodies might not be producing enough

estrogen. If this is your problem, consult your physician.

Here are some food sources to increase the calcium in your diet:

* skim milk * shrimp

* buttermilk * sardines

* low-fat yogurt * oysters

* frozen yogurt * broccoli

* 2% cottage cheese * parmesan cheese

Last but not least, if you smoke – quit! Nicotine in cigarettes is a contributing factor in bone density reduction.

Also, smoking hinders exercise, which is needed to increase bone mass and of course deteriorates

your most important muscle- your heart.


This is a very important subject for me.  My little gma has a humpback.  She had a hysterectomy at the age of 33.  Back then they didn’t put you on medication to help estrogen levels etc.  They know a lot more now.  I need to listen and realize that although not having a period is great, it won’t be great when I have my own humpback.



  1. Great post. My mother and her sisters all have osteoporosis. Just one more reason why I lift weights!

  2. I just went back on the pill. I don’t know if that will help with estrogen, but I’m actually sick of not having a period. Do you know if it helps? I didn’t think being on the pill would give you estrogen but who knows.


  4. Amy

    Good information April!

  5. Thx for this post! I intend to be in the gym lifting weights until they put me in the ground or “wherever”! 🙂

  6. Thanks for the informative post. I never knew that shrimp and oysters had a good calcium count!

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