Breakfast brought to you by……


I want to thank Lizzy for these wonderful samples packets!  I have never tried steel cut oats.  I’ve read some bloggers just like old fashioned better.  I must admit..i’m a fan.  It was a pleasant texture and great flavor.

For lunch today I will be having a PB + banana sandwich on Julian bread.  There is so much protein in there I won’t need meat 🙂  That and i’m out of precooked chicken and turkey.  Mike and I have made it our goal to get through all our perishables so they wouldn’t go to waste.  Hence the banana…I don’t eat those.  Love em’ but so do my love handles.


Just finished packing YES!

Can’t wait for this:

Cruise 2009 028 by gingerkid.april





  1. I’m jealous of that peanut butter and jelly!! I’ve been craving one like crazy! LOL

  2. Have a great trip girl. I had PB&J oatmeal for breakfast. Yum.

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