A glimpse of the trip

Did I say that flying is for wimps?  I take that back.  WOW!  It took us 19 hrs driving down and 21 driving back do to traffic jams.  Each time we stopped at a rest stop and slept in my car for about 4 hours.  No wonder my back hurts LOL!  I do know that Michigan, Wisconsin, New Jersey, and New Yorkers were on spring break that week.  The highway was full of those states.  Mike and I love road tripping and site seeing so we did enjoy ourselves.


flat, boring, but feels like home


green, beautiful


hills, nice people, my favorite


traffic, nice cars


landfills, buzzards

* okay really Florida makes me think, nice weather, oceans, tropical smelling


I told Mike there were people I wanted to meet in all these states but he refused LOL!  He just wanted to get where he was going.  I’ll admit on the way back I felt the same. 

I want to thank the following for our successful trip.

Tomtom, without you we’d have to actually look at road signs or mapquest directions.

See the little orange light?  That NEVER comes on in my car.  Wow, it was hot so we used it.  Works great!

I think I actually drove more than him but i’ll thank him anyway.

Then it was onto the ship and ready for relaxation!

Yay!  We’re at our room.  I swear I look at this picture and wonder why I felt fat.  NOW I AM!  FOR REALS!!  No biggie though, it’ll come off fast and I really ENJOYED myself for once.

To be continued……


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  1. Ouch, I think I would have flown and I HATE to fly. I think 4 hours in the car is seriously too long!!! Love your state recap.

  2. that’s an intense road trip, and I love the state recap! I hate flying and sometimes id rather drive insane hours than pack for a flight and deal with airport bullshit!

  3. hahaha thanks for the details by state!

  4. While I hate flying, 19-21 hours in the car is crazyyyyy!!! But it does sound like a heck of an experience and hun, you’re beautiful and incredibly far from fat!!

    Nat xoxo

  5. Love your state by state recap! 21hrs in a car is HELL! that is serious suffering! BTW you look GORGEOUS in that picture! That’s the first thing I thought when I saw it- so cute! I am sure you are not remotely ‘fat’- water retention messes with the best of us! Can’t wait to hear more about the trip, and don’t be so hard on yourself!!
    Love, Barbara

  6. Omg driving…it always seems like a good idea at the time…Driving down through Indiana through the stop and go lights of Kokomo has GOT to be the worst, eVER. Hey who watchd Boomer while you were away?

    I LOVE arriving at the hotel and walking in the room for the first time though. Always over-air conditioned and smelling like soap. My fav.

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