Do you drink pop, soda, cola?



  1. Only on a very very rare occasion.

  2. growing up it was pop, now its soda, well I don’t drink soda anymore but if I did thats what I would call it! 😉

    Glad your back! Loved the pics of your cruise!

  3. Tea

    OMG that video nearly made me spew!

  4. we call it coke! even if its a dr pepper, its a coke haha

  5. shantelli

    I call it Soda but I don’t drink it!

  6. Amy

    Mmmmm yummy! 🙂

  7. Where I grew up we call it pop but now I live in a place that they refer to it as soda. I drink diet rootbeer or ginger ale from time to time…I know it’s not very healthy but it’s a nice treat sometimes!

  8. Haven’t had one pop this year.

  9. I have seen that add.. UGH again! I don’t drink soda…. gave it up years ago when my tummy could not handle it during very work stressful times. Glad I gave it up!

  10. I think I am now scared straight!! Eek!

  11. i havent drank soda since I was in h.s. and Im 33! so like 15+ yrs…I didnt like it then and clearly wouldnt now.

  12. Sylvia

    OMG I can’t even watch that video. The thought of putting pure flax oil in my mouth makes me wanna puke, I don’t want to watcha guy dink gross fat!

    . . . and we don’t drink pop. I don’t buy pop 🙂 so I am exempt from the video 😛

  13. Good post I was just writing about soda myself. I might just have to send that to the boyfriend… but something tells me that would fix nothing 🙂 An addict is an addict. We call it pop… but then I learned to call it soda… when I went back home to visit I was at subway and I said can I have a large diet soda… this was pre dreambodies… I must make myself clear we know how T feels about soda… but anyhow the kid at the counter said we don’t have soda and you know gullable ol me… I was like HUH… with a blank stare on my face and he finally after a million second pause says… but we have pop 🙂 Crazy kid… yes I was a diet coke addict… and well gaw I’m no princess I’ve been drinking them from time to time… I know I know I know better. Stupid.

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