A little R & R

While on the ship there was alot of relaxing.

Some movie watching

Some latte’s were drank

Then there were sports that I chose not to play

Mike loves playing basketball

and volleyball

I on the other hand just chilled

I wish we had palm trees here.


Hey Angela, the gas stations in Florida sell alcohol.  Now that is something you won’t see here.  Angela thinks it’s weird at Target and Walmart they sell alcohol 😉



  1. Ahh you look so happy 🙂 Yeah the gas stations here sell alcohol… this is Wisconsin… beer and cheese for all it’s is everywhere !!!!

  2. Meg

    This reminds me that summer needs to HURRY UP 😀 You’re gorgeous and that’s hilarious that GAS STATIONS now sell alcohol?!

  3. WHAT?! Is that for real a movie screen outside, by the pool, OMG! WANT! I have cruise envy. LOL!

    Yes, like penis envy,only with cruises.

  4. ohhhhhhhh…ahhhhhhhhhh

  5. LOL! Yes and I also thought it was crazy that you left the car running and unlocked when you went into the gas station 😉

    See what happens when you grow up in Philly 😉

  6. I’ve never been on a cruise before! Looks so relaxing. My sister and my friends and I are planning a winter trip and we touched on the possibility of doing a cruise through the Bahama Islands. I hear that once you get off the boat, the islands are expensive though. Oh well, you only live once right? Hope you had fun!

  7. ummmmmmmm i NEED to go on a cruise! youve convinced me!

  8. ANA

    great pics i love cruises

  9. LOVE THE PICS! Can you put me in there! 🙂

  10. I think it is so cool that you could lay in a lounge chair, get a tan AND watch a movie!!

  11. You know that is so funny- I remember when I first moved to Florida (Pensacola) how odd it was that you could buy alcohol virtually EVERYWHERE. They had liquor stores on every corner. What DOES this mean??

  12. Ahh, looks amazing. 🙂

  13. Great pics! haha Love the sports pics but your mag pic!! I grew up super close to FL and am used to alcohol being sold everywhere!! (it’s pretty dense in alabama too!)

    Great pics – glad you got in some relaxation!

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