Bigfoot and cake

I’m feeling a bit better and not as bloated.  I’ve never really had an over eating problem until I started competing.  After a show or on a vacation I eat more than I do in 1 month in a week.  The shock to my system is awful.  Sure it’s fun watching your body change but I think i’d rather just stay fit ALL the time.  Some say competing is crazy and just another form of disordered eating.  I do agree to some point but there are girls that can control themselves all the time and do not have issues with food.  If you are thinking of competing let me know and i’ll tell you honestly if you will be mentally ready or not. 

This morning started out great.  I got up, made Mike’s lunch, then went back to bed listening to the birds chirp.  I went and got more blood drawn, washed my car by hand, did step aerobics and rode my bicycle to Kroger.  It was an EMERGENCY!!

I love having the store right down the road.  I’ll need to learn a whole new area.  I also love the field behind our house and so does Boomer.  I keep telling her to enjoy it and she has been.

I took a bunch of food pictures on the cruise.  I’ll show you what I was eating to make me fat 😉  It was so good!  Mike was so happy when in Honduras we found a gelato stand and we split it.  Is that sad?  Oh well, it’s my life.

Boys Volleyball is fun to watch!  I’m still a wrestling girl at heart but that is a close second.

What’s your favorite sport?



  1. love the vacay pics of you with the oxygen no less 🙂

    i think i am mentally ready, i would and do eat 99% clean my whole life, comps or not. i just am this way. i have closet fulls of chocolate, desserts, you name it, i have no interest. i do crave cauliflower and broccoli like a bitch though 🙂 if i cant have my crunchy brock i get cranky! ha!

    btw i have a show date but havent announced it yet 🙂

  2. How can you tell me if I am mentally ready? I do worry about this sometimes…

    • Here’s my situation. I have always been obsessed with my weight as long as I can remember. After hiring my trainer I lost 11 lbs immediately. I went from 136 to 125 and felt great! Then I lost another 5 and couldn’t believe it. So with my weight at 120 and feeling great I decided to compete. I got to 107 and could see so many awesome things I never thought my body could never have. For your first show I think it’s normal to pig out afterwards but you will regret it. The next day I was 117 and wondered what had happened. You have to really get back to clean eating after a few cheats. This is a cycle I continue to do.

      Now i’m probably 120 and feel like a lard butt. How can this be when I was on top of the world weighing 120 and I know I have more muscle at this weight today than before?? If you think you might have these issues you may rethink competing. The one bonus you have is Becca. She will be there for you and has experienced the rebound and post competition blues as well.

      With all that being said, doing a competition is an amazing experience. I wouldn’t take it back for anything ONLY because my body image was and still is an issue for me no matter what I look like.

      I hope this helps you 🙂

  3. Most ppl binge because they are so low on nutrients (re: competeing). I’ve known so many girls that have had breakdowns post competition grocery shopping, or eating because they were so afraid and couldn’t stop. A few had to physically move states/cities and get help. As long as you are healthy and are grounded with a good head on your shoulders, most are fine- as long as they don’t let it get to them mentally! Love you and your pictures! STay positive!

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